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Flipping Out: Crazy Clients, Radical Remodels, & Human Urine!

August 24, 2010 07:25 PM by Nancy Floyd


Jeff Lewis and company are battling wacky clients, massive remodeling projects, and pesky coyotes on tonight’s new episode of Flipping Out on Bravo! The gang takes on a remodeling project for an eccentric couple and Jeff’s coyote problem results in requiring the staff to save their urine in plastic containers. Keep reading for more details on tonight’s unusual new episode…

As soon as Flipping Out begins tonight on Bravo, Jeff Lewis is heading to his solo meeting with Christy from Casa Vega, terrified that he’s about to be fired. All in all, Christy’s feeling stressed out by her dad and family and just needed a shoulder to cry on. Enter Jeff Lewis. Really?? Jeff Lewis is the man you choose to confide all your hopes and fears in? Well I suppose that makes sense. The man exudes warmth and compassion.


Next, Jenni and Jeff head to a consultation with an eccentric couple named Barb and Bob in Thousand Oaks. The potential project is for a kitchen remodel and dining room addition. The house probably hasn’t been redecorated since Barb and Bob moved in 40 years ago. Jeff takes a liking to Barb (who reminds me of an older, drunker Mrs. Hannigan from Annie) and decides he wants to do the project to keep her from getting ripped off by someone else.

Back at the office, Jeff rebukes 22-year old Trace for having a social life while Sarah eavesdrops on the conversation. Trace is frustrated that Jeff is questioning his commitment to the job, especially when he’s working hard and trying to balance his personal and professional life with school. Jeff claims that he’s challenging Trace because he believes that in the future, Trace could become his business partner.


Jeff Lewis is having an issue with coyotes on his property and he’s fearful for the fate of his many pets. It turns out urine deters coyotes and they’re not biased to a specific type of urine. Any old pee will do so Jeff has the brilliant idea that he, Trace, and Jett should pool their urine to pour behind the house. Plus, as an added bonus, it will save Jeff money from having to import urine. Um, how does one go about importing urine? Can you google that?

The next day, Jeff has Trace shadowing him to learn the tricks and trades of the job so he can eventually take over. Trace joins Jeff for a visit to Barb and Bob’s house. Jeff thought the best training method for the anti-affectionate Trace would be to throw him to the wolves (or in this case a very hug-obsessed Barb) without any forewarning. The best moment comes when Barb introduces Jeff and Trace to her ferocious, lovable pit bulls (aka stuffed animals that she treats as real pets). The second best moment is probably when Jeff tries to talk Barb out of sponge paint and wallpaper in the kitchen. On the drive away from Barb’s, Jeff and Trace discuss how uncomfortable hugging and hand-holding makes them.


The following morning, Trace gets majorly rebuked for being seven minutes late to the office. After a verbal lashing from Jeff, Trace joins him for another client visit. The remodel for Nancy and Emily is well underway, but today Jeff and Trace are stepping in. When the hardwood floors arrive, Jeff puts Trace to work unloading them so that they can get to lunch soon.

At home, Jeff sets out on spreading urine around the property line. Not surprisingly, he recruits Zoila’s help for the disgusting task and ends up getting pee on her uniform. At least she won’t be attacked by any coyotes. Afterwards, Jeff, Sarah, and Trace take a private plane to Northern California to meet another client and oversee the new construction of a 7500-square foot house, pool house, guest house, tennis court, and gym on 10 acres of orchards. While the gang is gone, Jenni pays a visit to Barb and Bob to discuss cabinet and wall colors.


Meanwhile, Jeff continues to consult the client regarding the home construction. Since the family is never planning to sell the house, Jeff is designing the lighting and construction specifically to their needs, furniture, and desires, including outlet layouts, chandelier placement, and flatscreen TVs in the bathroom. Trace feels particularly validated when Jeff asks for his opinions and actually uses his ideas. The flight home is little more eventful than the flight there, causing jittery passenger Sarah to have a nervous breakdown. It’s not made any less scary by the fact that Jeff insists on texting her death messages.


It seems back at home the coyotes are still a problem. Trace’s research indicates that human urine is not a deterrent to the pests at all, but Jeff has a secret weapon in store for his furry foes: Zoila’s urine!

Tune into Flipping Out on Bravo next Tuesday night at 9pm to see what happens when Jeff Lewis Design welcomes a baby to the office!

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