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Hair Battle Spectacular: Toy And Candy Styles With Bad Girl Natalie Nunn!

August 24, 2010 08:18 PM by Jennifer


On tonight’s all new episode of Hair Battle Spectacular on Oxygen, the designers must use some sweet inspiration and childhood memories during their challenges. But nothing can sour the competition like guest Judge and resident Bad Girls Club member Natalie Nunn! Keep reading to see who got sent packing!

Derek J tells the designers that their Check Up From The Neck Up challenge is inspired by candy! And boy are they surprised when their models walk in and they are all children! Each one has a different kind of candy and the designers must base their style off of that candy. They have two hours to create their outrageously sweet style, and the reward is definitely worth it, as the winner receives immunity in the glam slam!!

As they are working on their models during the two hour time frame, some of the kids looked like they were enjoying themselves, while others looked like they were being tortured with all of this junk piled on top of their head. Minista even sewed gummy bears into her models head! As the time runs out, Derek J is eager to see their style choice. Minista gets judged first, with braids filled with gummy bears. Sexi Lexi had candy necklaces draped all over her models hair! Cajmonet had a candy ring pop, and made a hat out of red hair. Valley girl made her version of a gumball machine out of hair! Tsunami had licorice, and he incorporated other kinds of candy like a candy shop, but he has pins and a foam cone showing. He liked Minista, and Cajmonet’s style the best, and he chose Minista to win the challenge! Cajmonet was totally pissed off an jealous that Minista won!!


For their Glam Slam Challenge, they have a special guest judge, Natalie Nunn, from Bad Girls Club on Oxygen. She is very to the point telling them that they better bring it or she will call them out on it. For this challenge, each designer must choose from a bunch of cards with different toy items on them. They must do a style inspired by childhood memories!! Minista is happy because she can basically do whatever she wants at this point because she has immunity in the Glam Slam, which is not good for Fingaz because she gets to pick the battles, and Minista thinks Fingaz wants her out. The thing about this challenge though is for the first time their style must incorporate a moving part! In order to get some supplies for their styles, they first travel to a hardware store to stock up on supplies. As the work begins, so does the trash talking between J Rok and Valley Girl. This seems to be the most difficult challenge so far, and it only gets worse when Derek J walks in and tells them they only have thirty minutes left on the clock.

J Rok is up first in battle tonight on Hair Battle Spectacular on Oxygen against Valley Girl, and his inspiration was a see-saw, and he made a huge working seesaw on his model’s head. Valley Girl had to do a carousel look, and she had the top spin. But since Valley girl had to make the style spin by pushing it, she lost Natalie’s vote, and J Rok gets to be safe tonight. In the second battle, it is Cajmonet, who was inspired by a bicycle that had a moving front end. Tsunami had a toy helicopter, and his model had a moving propeller of top of his design. Guest Judge Natalie Nunn wasn’t kidding when she said she would tell them how it is! She was brutal!! Tsunami took this battle, and Cajmonet became a Hair Don’t. Next was Fingaz versus Sexi Lexi. Fingaz brings out her robotic inspired model, but they were not impressed that she lifted the robots arm on her models head as her moving part. Lexi had used a dollhouse as her inspiration, which had a working door. Fingaz said Lexi’s style looked like a lop sided barn! Ouch!! They chose Sexi Lexi as the winner of that battle, and Fingaz was shocked, because she picked her opponent! Last to go was Minista, and luckily she won the Check Up From The Neck Up Challenge, because her piece really didn’t move. It was a great style with alot of bling, and Natalie Nunn loved the outfit and all of the details.


But there can only be one winner of the Glam Slam on tonight’s Hair Battle Spectacular on Oxygen who will determine next week’s battle partners, Tsunami and Sexi Lexi were chosen as the best of the best. Lexi has always been in the bottom two, and she is starting to shine as a competitor to beat. Tsunami has always been consistently good. But Lexi couldn’t cut it this time, and Derek J, Lyndsay Albanese and Natalie Nunn chose Tsunami as the winner. As part of the Hair Don’t group, Valley Girl and Cajmonet ended up being the bottom two, which I am sure the other were happy about because she cheated on last week’s episode. I guess karma has come back to get her, because the judges sent Cajmonet home!! I am not really surprised after her cheating last week, and her bicycle look for this challenge really didn’t move well.

I can’t wait to see who wins next week’s Glam Slam!! See you after the show!!

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