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Big Brother 12: Brigade Breaking Down

August 25, 2010 07:07 PM by Ryan Haidet


As Enzo and Brendon festered with anger over Britney’s decision to nominate them both for eviction, Matt was working on a scheme to get Ragan out of the house.  But Matt’s own allies were also hatching their own plan — to take him out next.  Tonight’s episode of Big Brother 12 also brought the return of Pandora’s Box — except this time it was most unpleasant.

Outside Hayden and Lane were chatting about working to backdoor Matt this week.  They were worried that he was going to survive another eviction and continue his success through the end of the game.  So Lane went to chat with Britney and asked her to backdoor Matt if given the opportunity.  Britney didn’t see any immediate benefit to that plan, but was obviously considered it.

POV Gets Wild

Ragan was the only person not selected to compete in the most-interesting Power Of Veto competition of the season.  Everybody else was placed in a cage in the backyard and given 50 Veto points to start off with.  Throughout the challenge, the first person to buzz in on a specific scenario would either be awarded a prize up for grabs or given a punishment.  Every decision was voluntary, and those who took home prizes were kept anonymous.  But if they took a prize, they lost Veto points.  If they took a punishment, they gained Veto points.  The person with the most Veto points — and obviously the most punishments — would take the POV.

The first item up for grabs was a punishment — the person to buzz in first would be forced to take a bath in chum every hour for 24 hours.  Brendon easily won that.  Up next was the option for one player to be handcuffed to the houseguest of their choice for a full day.  Brendon won that, too.  The first prize came up, which featured a phone call from a loved one.  Lane quickly buzzed in and gave up six Veto points to take the award.

Hayden took two big prizes later in the contest including a trip to Hawaii and $5,000.  Brendon chose to shave his entire head for a couple Veto points and Enzo chose to wear a penguin suit for the rest of the week as a form of punishment along with giving up all of his clothes — except for the stuff he was already wearing.  Although it was a punishment for him, the clothes are being donated to a charity.

After everything was tallied up, Brendon won the POV, which had Britney absolutely livid.  If that wasn’t bad enough, he quickly chose Britney as the person to join him in handcuffs for 24 hours.  Ragan then shaved his head and happily took the golden POV.

Matt Accused

The people walking away with prizes — Lane and Hayden — were kept anonymous from the rest of the house, which instantly brought on speculation about who was responsible.  Lane quickly admitted to the house that he took the phone call from home, but nobody else owned up to taking the other prizes.  Hayden sat there and listened as the others started thinking Matt was the snake who took all the prizes.


Meathead Returns

If this season wasn’t bad enough having to deal with Rachel and her whiny voice, the producers of Big Brother was so kind (gag) to bring back the biggest meathead in reality television history.  That’s right, Jessie is back.  He came in the form of Pandora’s Box, which struck for the third time this season.  Britney was taunted with temptation outside of the door, which promised her advice from a former contestant.  She opened the box and released Jessie.  But he wasn’t there to offer her strategy advice like she thought, he was there to give her tips on how to achieve a muscular body.  Britney’s reaction was absolutely hysterical since she wanted nothing to do with Jessie as he flexed his muscles.  “I hate Pandora’s Box,” she said in confessional.


While Britney was punished with Jessie upstairs, the rest of the house shared an authentic Hawaiian feast in the backyard.  As Britney was upstairs lifting weights complaining to Jessie, a television screen flicked on and she saw the rest of the houseguests partying in the backyard Hawaiian style.

After the torture with Jessie was over, Britney’s bad day continued as she was then chained to Brendon for the next 24 hours.  And as a result, she was also forced to be by his side as he took a dip in the green, bubbly chum every 60 minutes.  As Brendon was in the Diary Room doing an interview about his chum baths, she mouthed the words “Help me” to the screen.  As he continued talking, she acted like she wanted to shoot herself in the head.  So funny.  I’ve been a Britney fan for a while now, but tonight she has won me over completely.  I hope Britney takes the title of Big Brother champ.  She is so entertaining and has a great sense of humor.


Matt Pushes Too Hard

Matt was working hard to get his Brigade allies Lane and Enzo to beg Britney to nominate Ragan.  But they wanted nothing to do with Matt so they secretly went to Britney and asked her to target him.  Then everybody else came to Britney to tell her Matt was targeting Ragan — who is his best friend in the house.

She couldn’t have that…

At the POV ceremony, Brendon obviously saved himself from eviction.  This forced Britney to name a replacement nominee, which she quickly did by choosing Matt.  Just like that, half of the Brigade alliance is sitting on the chopping block.  Will it be Enzo or Matt walking out the door tomorrow night?  Or maybe both?  Yup, two people are going home Thursday night in a special double eviction episode.  Stay tuned America!  Let’s just hope Britney gets to stay.

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