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Real World: Who Stole Ashlee’s Pills?

August 25, 2010 09:48 PM by Jennifer


I think everyone has finally lost it on tonight’s episode of Real World on MTV. As one of the roommates does the unthinkable with one of the fish from their fishtank, another is accused of stealing pain pills! Who was exposed as the thief? you have to keep reading to find out!

Ryan realizes that one of the fish in the tank has died, so he and Knight decide to take a pair of tongs, pull it out of the tank.. Just when you think they would just get rid of it, Ryan marinates it in Cajun spices and cooks it on the stove! He and Knight actually ate it! It was the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. Just when you thought you have seen all of this erratic roommates behavior, Ryan starts acting out to where the other roommates are questioning his sanity. Sahar approaches him, and he finally admits that he has a bad case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. But he wants her to keep it a secret so the other roommates can’t make fun of it. He doesn’t know where to turn, so she decides to help him.

But later that night on Real World on MTV , when the roommates are asleep, Ryan is seen on camera going through Ashlee’s room! When they awake in the morning, Knight tells Ashlee that he heard Ryan rummaging through her drawers! He had asked her once if he could have one of her six remaining pills, but now the whole bottle was empty! When she confronts him, he says that he took two, and that Knight asked for one too, so Ryan said he gave it to him. When Ashlee asks Knight and Ryan to speak to her together, Knight is reluctant to do so. They are both denying everything, and no one will admit to anything! Jemmye believes that Ryan is lying, because she says Knight has gotten over his past pain pill addiction. While Ashlee is on the phone with her mom, she puts it in her head that Knight does have a past, and that she needs to consider that he may have done it. But first Ryan seeks help with a counselor to discuss his Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.


Back to the fish issue on tonight’s Real World on MTV, the fish in the tank continue to die, and McKenzie can at least bury the second one in their yard. While she is doing that, Ryan grabs a powerful vacuum and is trying to get everyone to stick body parts on it, and of course Knight lets Ryan put it to his privates! Eric even let him do it to one of his nipples! What a bunch of sickos!! I feel bad for Sahar, who had her best friend arrive for a visit that same night. They all go out to a comedy club, where Eric is on stage doing a comedy act and he uses some of the house situations in his routine. This makes Sahar want to continue her music and get herself up on stage to sing. So she invites some local musicians to the house to teach her some songs and perform with them.

But when they leave the club, Jemmye and Ryan go at it in the car, and Jemmye spills a drink on him as he is driving, and he stops in the middle of the road. When they finally arrive home, Jemmye rails into him about accusing Knight of taking Ashlee’s pills. Jemmye is upset because Knight keeps talking to Ryan, and who would do that if they accused you of something you didn’t do? Makes you wonder…. well at least it made Sahar wonder why he is not confronting Ryan for lying. She even says it right to Knight’s face, and Knight makes some comments about her having “sideburns” and later that night, Ryan finds Sahar crying alone over Knight’s comments.

The next day, Preston tells Knight that insulting Sahar was wrong, so Knight decides to talk about it with his boss at the mission. He then goes and buys an at home drug testing kit to prove that he did not steal the pills. He takes the test and calls Ashlee into the bathroom, and he shows her the test and that he is negative across the board for everything. But to try and take their minds off of it, the roommates go and see Sahar sing at a local club for the first time! She is a really good singer, and her roommates are totally impressed.

But after all the fun, the roommates still must figure what is going on with Ryan, and why he is lying to them about the pills. Will he ever admit the truth? See you after next week’s show, and maybe we will find out!

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