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Top Chef: The Competition Moves To The Baseball Field!!

August 25, 2010 08:42 PM by Jennifer


The competition is heating up as the Chefs have two different challenges on tonight’s Top Chef on Bravo! First they must deal with idioms, and their elimination challenge brings them to a baseball field! Keep reading to see who was safe and who struck out!

In a shocking morning surprise for the other chefs, Ed gets out of bed wearing Tiffany’s dress! At this point in the competition they feel that they need a few laughs. But it is also time to get serious, as the competition is winding down quickly. As the Chefs walk in, Padma introduces them to Rick Moonen, who presents their Quickfire Challenge, which is all about food idioms. As they draw knives, it is clear that they all have opinions about Amanda. the idiom she drew was The Big Cheese, so she decided to make mac and cheese. But while she is preparing her food, Angelo has alot to say about how unorganized and inexperienced she is. She also has an opinion of him which isn’t so great either.

Ed made a potato gnocchi for his idiom hot potato. Tiffany had spilled the beans, and made pan seared cod over canned beans, which may be her downfall. Kevin had Bring Home The Bacon, and made bacon three ways with a little spice into it. Kelly, who had Sour Grapes, so she did a pan roasted chicken grape with a grape sauce. Angelo had Bigger Fish To Fry, and he bragged that he coated his fish using an ancient Chinese technique. But Rick Moonen is silent and moves on to Amanda, who’s idiom The Big Cheese inspired her to make a mac and cheese and pork chop dish.


Rick Moonen was not impressed with Kelly and Amanda’s dishes on tonight’s and he called them the worst. He liked Kevin’s bacon dish, teling him he would have licked the plate clean. He also liked Ed’s potato gnocchi, which he chose as the winner., and his dish will be offered through Schwans home delivery service.

For their elimination challenge on tonight’s Top Chef on Bravo, the chefs find out that they are taking the competition to a different type of playing field: the baseball field! The chefs must create high end dishes at the concession stand of Nationals Park. They will all be part of one team to make six separate dishes. As they plan their menu, Kelly tried to take the roll of leader and tried to input her opinion about the whole menu. After they shop for all of their ingredients, they have three hours to cook their dishes. But Angelo realizes that his pork dish is going to take 2 1/2 hours just to braise. I smell trouble! That night back at the house, they realize that they have to assign someone to take orders from people, and Angelo steps up to the plate and says he will do it. But some of the chef’s don’t trust him.

As they start to prepare their food on tonight’s Top Chef on Bravo, Angelo stats yelling at Kevin because Angelo tried to take the easy way out and make everyone else do their own orders. Took him a little while to realize that volunteering for order taking means someone else plates his food. Kelly was making an open faced crab cake b.l.t, Amanda is doing a tuna tartar that started to oxidize when she was preparing it. Tiffany’s meatball sub sold like hot cakes, and so is Kelly’s crab cake b.l.t. Even the Washington Nationals players tried one of each dish, and they loved the meatballs! As Padma and the other judges arrive, they also present the other dishes, like Amanda’s tuna tar tare, which they noticed was gray. They next tried Angelo’s sweet glazed pork, and Kevin’s skewered chicken kabob. They also tried Ed’s shrimp and corn fritters. They liked Ed’s dish, as well as Tiffany’s meatball sub. Kevin’s dish seemed to be ordered the least, as the fans saw it as a typical ball park dish that you would serve with a beer.


As they await their appearance at the judges table, Padma surprises them by telling the chefs that they are all wanted to the Judges Table at the same time. Padma asked how Angelo became to be the order taker, and Angelo tried to act like he stepped up on his own, but Tiffany cut him off and told Padma the truth, that Angelo tried to pawn it off on everyone else. Padma cuts off their argument so they can speak to Ed, whose dish they liked alot. They also liked Tiffany’s meatball sub. Rick Moonan chose Ed’s fritters as the best dish served at the baseball field. Not only has he won the challenge, but also a trip to Australia!! Ed was the big winner of tonight’s episode of         Top Chef on Bravo.

Now this means that Kelly, Angelo, Amanda and Kevin know that one of them is going home. Rick Moonen and the other judges noticed that Amanda’s fish was not fresh because she prepared it the day before. Kevin had a good idea, but the way it was on the skewer it was hard to eat, and it also had soggy french fries. Angelo’s dish seemed to be lost in the fact that his bread was overpowering the pork, and it was too sweet and soggy. After a grueling a decision, the judges decide that Amanda’s ill prepared tar tare dish was the dish that sent her packing! She is sad to go, but you kind of expected it after serving bad fish to chef’s who specialize in it!

Tune in next week to see who is next on the chopping block!!

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