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Big Brother 12: Two Players Eliminated

August 26, 2010 06:46 PM by Ryan Haidet


The number of contestants battling in the Big Brother house was whittled down from seven to five in tonight’s special double-eviction episode.  It all got started as Matt and Enzo were the first pair facing eviction.  But before the first vote of the night, Ragan was starting to realize there was a big secret in the house — he was catching onto the Brigade.

Although feeling betrayed that Matt would throw him under the bus, Ragan finally realized the game isn’t about friendships — it’s a game worth buckets of cash.  When Matt tried to talk to his best pal in the house after trying to convince others to target him, Ragan didn’t really want to chat.  That instantly made Matt nervous, and he soon learned that Ragan knew the truth about what he had said.  He tried to do some damage control, but it didn’t really do much of anything since the trust had already been tarnished.


When Ragan went to the backyard to talk to the rest of the house about his actions last week, Enzo dropped a bomb.  Enzo revealed that he and Hayden had decided to split the votes during the eviction last week between Matt and Lane.  But Matt had used the diamond POV and saved himself and Kathy was evicted instead.  Their decision to split their votes made Ragan realize they were in a secret alliance, and he was pretty sure Matt and Lane had something to do with it.  He thought Hayden and Enzo were both trying to save face by not showing favoritism.  Brigade busted!

First Eviction

Since this is a week of Big Brother in fast forward, the first elimination came quickly.  After Matt and Enzo offered up their pleas to stay in the house, the vocal ballots were cast.

And once again this summer, the decision was unanimous — by a vote of 4-0 Matt was ousted from the game.  There was no surprise on Matt’s face whatsoever as he gave everybody hugs and walked out the front door.  In his exit interview with host Julie Chen, Matt said his biggest mistake of the entire game was throwing last week’s Head Of Household competition.  He truly believed he was safe for this week.


Back In Power

In the live HOH competition, Julie asked the houseguests one question about the game.  The two answers to that question were buried under a pile of packing peanuts, which everybody had to dig through.  The first person to find both answers and buzz in would win HOH.  It wasn’t even close either.  It didn’t even seem like 60 seconds before Hayden rushed to the finish line with both correct answers.  With that, he took his second reign of the summer as HOH — even though this time it’s much shorter than the first.


After some fast strategy immediately after the competition, Hayden was forced to pick two nominees for eviction.  Without hesitation, Hayden targeted Brendon and Ragan.

Live POV

Without much opportunity to catch their breath, everybody returned to the backyard to battle for the Power Of Veto live.  After a series of before-and-after questions, Ragan easily won the POV.  Back inside the house after a commercial break, Ragan naturally decided to use the POV on himself.  Duh.  This forced Hayden to name a replacement nominee immediately.  He chose Britney and she took her place on the couch next to Brendon.


Whew.  Caught up yet?

After a quick commercial break, the live voting began for the second eviction of the evening.  It was another unanimous decision as Brendon was evicted 3-0.  After learning he had been voted out, Brendon stood and offered everybody a pleasant farewell.  “Good luck everybody,” Brendon said as he walked out to meet Julie with a huge smile on his face.  In his exit interview, Brendon said he wasn’t shocked to be eliminated at all.  He then weighed in on the situation with Rachel and he said he is really serious about their relationship and wants to spend more time with her in the future.


Now Matt and Brendon are heading to the jury house with Rachel and Kathy as finale night looms on September 15.  Only Hayden, Ragan, Enzo, Lane and Britney are left in the contest as the $500,000 prize is getting closer for one of them.

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