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Project Runway: Team Challenge To Create Fall 2010 Collection

August 26, 2010 08:03 PM by Nancy Floyd


The 12 remaining designers must team up for a group challenge on tonight’s new episode of Project Runway! The competitors are divided into two teams to create an entire, cohesive collection for Fall 2010. With strong personalities, diva demands, and at least one emotional breakdown, tonight’s challenge is no easy feat. Keep reading for more details on the episode…

Tonight’s episode of Project Runway begins the morning following the Philip Treacy hat challenge. Michael C. is thrilled about his win, but none of the other designers understand his victory. The designers head to the runway to meet with Heidi Klum to discuss this week’s challenge. Tonight, the contestants will split into two teams of six for the dreaded group challenge. Since Michael C. has immunity, he gets to choose his first team member. He picks Gretchen who is clearly the strongest designer in the competition thus far. April is the first designer selected at random for the second team and she chooses Mondo. Now, every designer chosen gets to select their next teammate.


All in all, Team 1 (aka Team Luxe) consists of Michael C., Gretchen, Christopher, Andy, Ivy, and A.J. The designers on Team 1 have proven themselves to be the strongest so far, having won all four of the challenges on this season. It’s also filled with egomaniacs. Meanwhile, Team 2 includes April, Mondo, Michael D., Valerie, Casanova, and Peach.

In the workroom, Tim Gunn meets with the teams to deliver the specifics of the team challenge: design a six-piece collection for Fall 2010. Each team must choose one concept from the list Tim presents them (minimalism, 50s retros & womanly shapes, menswear for women, or military) as well as one type of textiles (gold, camel, leopard & cheetah prints, plaid, or lace). Peter Butler from Garnier gives the designers a brief education on the hair trends for 2010 while also serving as a mini-infomercial for Garnier.


The teams will have one hour to brainstorm and sketch before heading to Mood where each team will have $1,000 for fabrics. Team 2 starts off by discussing their mutual commitment to respect one another while Team 1 just starts yelling. Not surprisingly, Gretchen takes the lead for Team 1 determining that menswear would be the best concept and camel would be the best textile. Team 2 argues about which concept to choose but ultimately settles on military with lace as the textile.

Both teams take very different methods to the design, construction, and completion of their collections. Team 2 decides to let every designer be in charge of his/her own garment or outfit and try to find a way to connect them together. Team 1, on the other hand, delegates the responsibilities so each person will be in charge of one task on all of the garments. On Team 1, Michael C. is annoyed by Gretchen’s bossy attitude, while on Team 2, Peach fears that they have no leader.


At Mood, both teams make a mad dash through the store trying to find the right materials. In the workroom, Team 1 is having trust issues with A.J. and Michael C. Even though Michael C. won last week’s challenge, none of his teammates think he’s a beneficial member of the group.

Peter Butler from Garnier comes to the workroom to meet with two representatives from each team to discuss hair styles for their runway show. Peter’s consultation is basically one big commercial for Garnier-Fructis. He spends more time talking about the hair products he’ll be using, rather than the actual hairdo’s. Guess what Peter Butler?? No one cares!

Tim Gunn shows up at the workroom to chat with each team about their collection. He starts off with Team 2 chatting about their lacy military ensembles. Tim is nervous that some of their outfits look a bit matronly and not quite edgy enough. When Tim chats with Team 1, he thinks their ideas are too ambitious and their outfits are looking “ho-hum” compared to Team 2.

Shortly after Tim Gunn shows up, Casanova has an emotional breakdown. He cries on the break room couch, questioning himself as a designer after another harsh critique from Tim. His teammates rally around him to try to cheer him up, but he wants to leave the show. And, in a totally unrelated self-pity moment, he fears he’s getting fat. Ultimately his model saves the day when she talks some sense into him and gets him to rejoin the competition.


When the models show up for their fittings, Team 1 starts unraveling. Michael C.’s blouse looks terrible, sending his teammates into a panic. A.J., on the other hand, doesn’t even have a garment for his model to try on, leaving the other designers frustrated with him. Gretchen and Christopher have to pick up the slack and make more garments than they intended to as the clock races towards midnight.

The morning of the runway show, Gretchen is as neurotic as ever, having woken up at 4am to write a detailed list of everything her teammates need to do. They even put their six models to work sewing when they show up. Team 2, for their part, is much more relaxed as they finish up their collection and style their models.


At the runway show, Heidi Klum welcomes the designers. Joining judges Michael Kors and Nina Garcia is Georgina Chapman, designer & co-founder of Marchesa. As the designs come down the runway, both teams are proud of their own collection and critical of the other team’s collection.

Team 2 is thrilled when Heidi Klum announces that they’ve won the challenge with their military lace designs. The judges send Team 1 backstage so that the judges can talk to the winning team first. The judges love that each of Team 2′s outfits seem unique yet cohesive. Heidi Klum is particularly complimentary of Casanova’s outfit, much to his delight. Before a winner is announced, Team 2 is sent backstage so Team 1 can face the judges.


When Team 1 takes the stage, Gretchen becomes the spokesperson (not surprising) and is moved to tears. The judges think the collection looks flat, outdated, unfortunate, and boring. Before heading onstage, the team agreed to not sell each other out and instead stand together as a team. That lasts about five minutes. Gretchen starts off by saying how strong the collection is and how much she loves her teammates, but quickly ends up calling the collection crappy and saying everyone sucks. Everyone turns on Michael C. which is completely irrelevant since he has immunity.

After the judges deliberate, all 12 designers are brought back to the runway to learn the results. The winner of tonight’s challenge is Casanova. I bet he’s glad he didn’t decide to quit yesterday despite packing on some pounds. Go eat some Twinkies to celebrate, Casanova! After the winner is announced, the rest of Team 2 is deemed safe and head backstage. As for Team 1, Michael C., Christopher, Ivy, and Andy are all safe, leaving Gretchen and A.J. The judges recognize that Gretchen was the unofficial leader of the team but A.J. was the weak link. Ultimately, Gretchen is in, meaning A.J. is going home tonight.


A.J. is disappointed that he’s heading home and is regretful that he’s being eliminated for a garment that didn’t represent him as a designer. After the elimination, Tim Gunn joins the designers and gives them a stern rebuking for their behavior on the runway and for allowing Gretchen to manipulate and bully them as a team. Dang!! Tim Gunn’s got some fire in his belly.

Tune into Project Runway next week when the designers are tasked with reinventing bridesmaids dresses!

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