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The Real Housewives Of DC: Drama Follows A Trip To Michaele’s Winery

August 26, 2010 08:14 PM by Jennifer


On an all new episode of  The Real Housewives of DC on Bravo, a shocking story is revealed about something Michaele has done, and the Housewives are starting to realize that some people aren’t who they seem to be! Keep reading to find out what she did!

On this episode of  The Real Housewives of DC on Bravo, Stacie is talking with her sorority sisters from college as they visit from out of town. They ask her is she was able to locate her father who she has been looking for. She also found her birth mother who was a Caucasian woman from Germany, who wanted to keep having a child with an African American man. This is ironic because her husband and other kids are Caucasian and and her dad doesn’t know that she exists and her birth mother will not give her information.

On another side of DC, Mary’s good friend Ted Gibson is launching a salon in DC, and Michaele is there basking in the glory that her husband’s winery is sponsoring the salons grand opening. Mary is jealous that Ted took so long to notice her entering because he was too busy talking to Michaele. At the grand opening, all of the housewives are there. Michaele is getting chummy with Ted, and everyone is calling them social climbers because they use their winery to get in good with people.

Mary takes Cat to a design studio to pick out furniture. As they sit down with friends, they are told that Michaele and her husband invited them to go to the Congressional Black Caucus Dinner at the White House. When they all show up at the event, she whips out the invitation which says admits one, but they all managed to weasel their way in. So Michaels and her husband tell everyone to grab napkins and put them on empty chairs looking to sneak empty seats. Finally the Salahi’s get escorted out by Secret Service, but her guests remained. But they were laughing and smiling the whole time. What a bunch of pretentious climbers! Then they actually stuck back into the VIP section. They seem to show up for all events where they aren’t invited.


After the dinner on tonight’s The Real Housewives of DC on Bravo, Michaele calls Cat and invites her and the other ladies to a grape stomp at their winery. Lynda declines the invitation. When the time comes for the ladies trip to the vineyard, and while the ladies are on their way, Michaele let’s it out that this grapes stomp is significant because this is the first time after a court case where tracks mother wanted him removed. on the ride there, Tariq calls Stacie to let them know that his mom is at the place with papers trying to ruin their visit because of some previous control dispute about the winery! In the limo, Stacie and her husband hear the story about the Caucus dinner and how Michaele snuck in through a door that a busboy left open. So Stacie calls Tariq back because the group doesn’t want to be involved in any nonsense with security and press at a winery in the boonies in Virginia. Just as she and Cat are about to find out the dirt, Stacie loses the call.

When they get there, Cat tells him that she is not stomping the grapes. Tariq blows a whistle, and Cat tells him to have some manners. Michaele comes out and basically says Cat is being a bitch! What a gracious host. But the funniest part about this whole thing is that a few of the women noticed that the grapes they were stomping were bought at the supermarket and not vine grapes! Cat starts yelling how everyone else is faking that they don’t know what is going on. Cat and Jason leave early, he had an excuse that he had an event to go to, but Cat just used him as a scape goat.

After the grape stomping on The Real Housewives of DC on Bravo, the couples all sit down for a dinner and some wine, and Michaele tells the women that she knows that they were all talking about her at a previous event. She accuses Mary of talking about her, but she is quick to deny it, and Stacie says that Mary rarely talks bad about anyone. But Michaele is pretty pissed that Lynda did not come to the grape stomping, but Mary cuts her off and tells her that they should not talk bad about anyone, especially their friends. But I think Mary may be in for a rude awaking, because Tariq starts to speak, and judging by the looks of next weeks preview, he says some not so nice things about Mary’s daughter!

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