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Bachelor Pad: Tenley Molzahn Is “Completely Naive” On The Show

August 27, 2010 10:00 AM by Nancy Floyd


As sugary sweet divorcee Tenley Molzahn watches episodes of The Bachelor Pad each week, she’s beginning to realize how much was going on behind-the-scenes that she never even realized. Oblivious to a lot of the drama, hookups, and alliances, Tenley admits to being “completely naive” during her time on the show. Keep reading for more details about Tenley’s experience on The Bachelor Pad, her infamous bathroom confrontation with Michelle Kujawa, and her relationship with Kiptyn Locke…

Tenley Molzahn has certainly come off as sweet and enthusiastic during this season of The Bachelor Pad, but she also admits to being completely naive. Tenley admits that while her roommates were scheming and forming alliances with one another, she was simply enjoying her experience.

“I wish my eyes were a little more open and I knew what was going on around me,” Tenley Molzahn tells People magazine. “My experience with it was wonderful, though. I was just enjoying my vacation out by the pool, going for a run, eating good food.”

One bit of drama Tenley definitely didn’t miss out on was the heated, emotional confrontation with Michelle Kujawa, the first woman eliminated from the competition. Michelle locked Tenley in the bathroom and accused her of spreading a rumor. Despite the intense encounter, Tenley is fully prepared to put their issues in the past. “There are no hard feelings as long as there aren’t any on her behalf,” she says. “I took a beating after that episode and I know she did, as well.”

Fans of The Bachelor Pad are especially curious to know whether or not Tenley Molzahn and Kiptyn Locke have started a romantic relationship outside of the show. Tenley won’t say much about the status of their relationship other than that it took the couple a while to see where “the natural chemistry belonged.” She has nothing but praise for Kiptyn though, saying, “He’s an incredible guy, one of the most genuine men I have ever met. I enjoy him a lot!”

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