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Big Brother 12: Final Five

August 29, 2010 07:05 PM by Ryan Haidet


If you missed the first 10 minutes of tonight’s Big Brother, don’t worry because it was nothing but a huge recap of what happened during last week’s double eviction.  As the show progressed it proved to be one of the most-fractured, poorly edited episodes all season.  Jumping around without any real flow, we got to see a much-too-long Head Of Household competition before our two (obvious) nominees were named.

Unexcited Winner

After the houseguests all weighed in on last week’s eliminations in which Matt and Brendon were ousted, they all went to the backyard to compete for HOH.  It was a matching game with a twist — the players had to launch a ball onto a platform to match two cards they had been dealt.  Yes, exciting…  I remember thinking at this point that I should just be watching the Emmy Awards, but I stuck it out and watched the boredom.  Britney was the first person eliminated from the competition, quickly followed by Enzo.  The final round was very close between Ragan and Lane.  But when it was finished, Lane barely edged out Ragan and took the title of HOH for the week.


Lane wasn’t very happy about winning HOH, though.  He knew somebody’s feelings would be hurt since he had to nominate a friend (either Britney or Brigade pal, Enzo) against Ragan.

Britney Babbles

We got the typical, boring HOH room reveal filled with pictures of Lane’s family and a letter from home.  But later that night some interesting chatter came between Britney and Hayden.  As they were laying in the hammock together, Britney told Hayden she would be thrilled if he and Lane made it to the final two.  What?!?!?!?!  She wouldn’t be happy to make it to the finals?  Britney then said she doesn’t believe Lane needs any extra cash because of his wealthy family, which is why she wouldn’t necessarily vote for him in the end.  Hayden thought this was golden for himself and wanted to make sure she definitely knew he was the guy who deserves the money most.  I love you, Britney, but you have just made a huge mistake.  Never tell a competitor that you would be willing to vote for them at the end of the game!  Why?  Because that gives them a reason to vote you out and place your butt on the jury.

A Fraction Of The Prize

Pandora’s Box made yet another return to the game — this time tempting our new HOH, Lane.  He opened the letters that warned him — as they do every time — that opening Pandora’s box could bring something good or bad.  Then on a television screen, Lane saw money envelopes attached to a tree inside Pandora’s Box to increase the temptation.  He decided to open Pandora’s Box, and once inside he read another letter that told him to open three of the envelopes, which could bring him $10,000 in prize money.


But for each envelope he unsealed, the house would receive a punishment.  The first one he opened had just $79.  It only got worse.  The second had only $12.  The final one he opened had just 17 cents.  He walked away with $91.17 — a far cry from the $10,000.  For their first punishment, Big Brother took away all of their drinking glasses and silverware for the entire week.  As far as the other two punishments, we didn’t get to see those yet.

Hurt Feelings

Up in the HOH bedroom, Britney asked Lane who he was going to nominate for eviction.  He said his targets were probably going to be Ragan and Enzo.  When she brought up Hayden’s name, Lane said he couldn’t nominate him.  Britney was instantly upset because she knew Lane would consider nominating her despite their friendship.


Outside, Enzo was pushing hard to get Lane to nominate Britney and Ragan.  But Lane knew Britney would be angry.  So in the backyard, Lane directly asked his pals to be a pawn for the week.  When the nomination ceremony arrived, Lane put Ragan and Enzo on the chopping block.

Ah, now back to the Emmy Awards…

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