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Bachelor Pad: The Truth Comes Out!

August 30, 2010 06:54 PM by Candace Young


On tonight’s episode of Bachelor Pad on ABC, the remaining contestants will have to fill out a questionnaire to tell what they honestly think of the others in the house. Emotions and tensions are already running high in the wake of Gia’s elimination, and things heat up even more before co-hosts Melissa Rycroft and Chris Harrison call the next Rose Ceremony. Read on for all the details…

Wes is upset after Dave chose Elizabeth to stay rather than Gia. They have tense words – a new rivalry is definitely on! The doorbell rings. Natalie brings in a basket of papers. The accompanying card tells the bachelors and bachelorettes to fill out the surveys. They must reveal the truth of how they feel about the others in the house.


The tension among the group can be cut with a knife as Wes and Dave work to convince their allies to vote the other out. Wes is missing Gia, but is also concerned about strategy, wanting to rid the house of the couples. Peyton is of the same mind, feeling that the couples will coast if they’re not broken up.

Melissa Rycroft calls all the contestants to come outside. Everyone is nervous about the survey answers being revealed. Chris Harrison says getting a rose today is as easy as telling the truth! Melissa is going to ask questions about the survey results and those who write down what the majority said will get a point. Most likely to win? Kiptyn.  Who is your enemy? Krisily. Who is the most shallow? Elizabeth.  Who is the dumbest? Gwen.  Tenley guessed the most correct answers for the girls and gets the rose.  The guys have to continue.

The men must answer what the majority said to the question – who do you have a crush on? Dave is the correct answer. Who will be a bridesmaid but never a bride? Most of the guys guess Natalie – they are correct.  Who is the biggest jerk?  Wes. The tiebreaker question is who has the worst boob job? It’s between Kovacs and Jesse B. Kovacs panics about the answer possibly being Elizabeth.  The correct answer is Elizabeth – Jesse B wins the rose. Kovacs wrote down Krisily – he couldn’t hurt Elizabeth.


Chris Harrison explains that it will be one-on-one dates for the winners and they may or may not choose to give out a rose on the date.

After the challenge, back in the house, the girls start crying their eyes out. Wes remarks that this competition did the most damage to the women.  Gwen tries to comfort Natalie, who admits never being married is actually her worst fear – that’s why she pushes guys away.  David feels bad for Natalie, but since they are hiding their relationship, he can’t talk to her. Kovacs goes looking for Elizabeth, who is also behind closed doors sobbing.  He tells her maybe the girls put down that she is shallow and has the worst boob job because they are jealous of her. Kovacs tells the camera it made him realize how deeply he cares about her.

Tenley gets her date card. It says ‘get ready for an island escape for two’.  Not surprisingly she picks Kiptyn.  Tenley leaps out of the front door and into the limo with Kiptyn!  They go to meet a helicopter and go out over the ocean to Catalina Island.  The pair go ziplining – Tenley screams as she goes first.  Kiptyn goes second and they act very close. Tenley and Kiptyn sip wine after and discuss the pressure in the house. Kiptyn kisses her deeply.


The group talks back at the house about Tenley and Kiptyn. Most of them believe there is a mutual attraction and Kiptyn is hiding it because of the house. Jesse B’s date card arrives. It says ‘the sky’s the limit’.  He chooses Peyton, who he shared the fantasy suite with last week.

On Tenley and Kiptyn’s date, the sun has gone down, and they share a fire-lit dinner on the beach.  He takes the opportunity to assure her that he has feelings for her – he just considers them to be under a microscope in the house. They do some more kissing and she offers him the rose.  He accepts. Tenley then tells him Chris Harrison has given them the option to stay together in a fantasy suite. Kiptyn is on board.

Another couple bonding at the same time are Kovacs and Elizabeth, who sit by the jacuzzi and have a heart-to-heart. He makes it clear that she is more important to him than the competition.

When Tenley and Kiptyn return to the house they try to keep their new closeness under wraps somewhat, but David wonders who they think they’re kidding. Jesse and Petyton leave the house in a limo for their one-on-one date. They wind up at the airport and will ride in a bi-plane! The pilot does barrel rolls and they have a blast!


While the others speculate about them, Peyton and Jesse B share a great dinner in the hangar and learn how much they have in common. He gives her the rose very early on, and then they relax with martinis. Just as Peyton is saying what a great guy Jesse is, he burps in her face! But as he drinks, an undesirable side comes out.  The fantasy suite card inevitably comes. Peyton wants to pass it up. Jesse agrees to call it a night.

In the Bachelor Pad, Krisily sits down for a chat with Dave. She feels like an outcast. She chatters away about how great his kiss was in the kissing competition. Dave smiles – he has her loyalty.

Peyton and Jesse B return to the house and the others notice that they don’t seem close.  The strategies begin to be revealed in advance of the rose ceremony.  Kovacs seems to be on the chopping block for the guys.  David wants to get rid of Gwen or Krisily from the girls.  Nikki tells Wes she doesn’t see him going home.


Everyone gets dressed for the Rose Ceremony and Chris Harrison calls them together – it’s time to vote.  Tenley, Kiptyn, Jesse B, and Peyton already have roses and are safe.  Some of the girls vote for Kovacs and some vote for Wes.  The guys are split between Gwen and Elizabeth, but at the last minute, Krisily’s name is bandied about – will Dave stab her in the back?

The votes are in and have been counted.  Melissa Rycroft gives roses to…Natalie, Ashley, David, Nikki, Elizabeth, Gwen, and Kovacs! A shocked Krisily is going home, along with Wes, whose strategy against the couples seems to have sealed his fate.

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One Response to “Bachelor Pad: The Truth Comes Out!”

  1. rayebe Says:
    August 30th, 2010 at 9:12 pm

    OMG Dave is a punk!!! He totally used krisley to keep Kovak in the game.. I don’t know how anyone could love these people, they have the morals of alley dogs.

    You know the pickings are slim when you are actually voting for Wes to win!!!!


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