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Dance Your Ass Off: The Season Two Finale!

August 30, 2010 11:19 PM by Rebecca Ford


After months of working out and working it on the dance floor, it’s time for the Dance Your Ass Off finale! Michael, Latoya and Adamme will perform two dances to prove to the judges that they deserve to be the champion. Then, they’ll be weighed on finale time to see who will go home with the $100,000 prize!

The dancers enter with a three-way tie. They were all given 10s with their first group dance in the previous episode. Mel B and the former contestants go out to dinner to celebrate the finale. They reminisce about their journeys, and even get a video of their journey. Mel B also has a funny video of Corey’s impressions of everyone in the house, and the judges. It’s hilarious.

A very special group performance included all the previous contestants, and it was to a Spice Girl song! Mel B even joins in!

The special judge tonight is choreographer Dave Scott, who judged them on their very first episode. He’s impressed by their progress. The remaining contestants will dance a jazz-funk routine, and a judges’ choice routine. They will then be weighed, and the weight-loss could determine who will go home with $100,000.


Adamme shows off a fringed look for his first dance. He’s full of energy, as usual, and definitely keeps the spotlight. He does the splits! The dance routine doesn’t move as much as I would have expected. He does a cool handstand to end it, but it takes him a minute to get up into it. The judges love it as usual. They praise his tricks and his showmanship.

Michael, who fought his way back into the competition, is up next. He wears a tight little black jacket, which would never have fit him before. He’s has great facial expressions. The judges are happy with it, but always have criticism for him. He surprisingly he gets 7.3.

Latoya glitters in gold. She looks so light on her feet now. The lift at the end isn’t too light, but it’s a fun routine. The judges say she owned the stage, and call it “unbelievable.” She gets a perfect 10 for her first dance tonight.

Next, the finalists have one more routine each. Adamme’s second routine involves some really intense lifts. It’s a sexy routine. The judges love his musicality and his demonstration of strength. He gets a perfect 10.

Michael’s second routine is very graceful. He has very strong posture. The judges praise him for his elegance, and say they really enjoyed the routine. They say he’s found his element. He gets a 8.7.


Latoya, who is doing the tango, looks great in her outfit. Her arms look very strong. She’s a little wobblier at this dance, but does some fun moves. It’s not quite as exciting as her other routine. The judges say it was near-perfect and that she put the competition on another level. The judges give her ANOTHER perfect 10. It’s getting old, judges.

The final scores are in. Latoya gets a perfect 10. Adamme gets a 9.6, and Michael is 8.7. However, the weight-loss will ultimately determine the winner.

Their weight-loss scores will be based on how much they lost since they returned to LA a week ago. Michael, who came in weighing 286 pounds, has always pulled big numbers. He’s up first. They’ve gotten rid of the cheesy fake scale this week, so Mel B just tells him he lost 5 pounds, or 2.9 percent of his body weight. His total score is 11.6.


Adamme lost 2.9 percent of his body weight, and gets a total score of 12.5. He has the new high score, which means Michael did not win. It’s too bad because it would have been great to see the underdog win.

Latoya needs to have lost 2.6 percent of her body weight in order to win. That’s at least 4.1 pounds. Finally, Mel announces that she lost 4.6  pounds, she she’s won! It’s bittersweet because she was the villain of the show, but Adamme is graceful about his loss.

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