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Dating in the Dark: Swimsuits in the Dark

August 30, 2010 11:11 PM by Rebecca Ford


This season of Dating in the Dark has had sexy Chippendale dancers, hott models and now…swimsuits! It may make absolutely no sense at all, but why not have the contestants wear their swimsuits while dating in the dark?

Six new daters move into the secluded house. For the men (from left to right in the photo below), Brad, 32, is the co-owner of a legal services company. He’s outgoing, but not handsome. Drew, 27, is a sales manager. He’s handsome and wants a family. He usually dates bombshells. John, 29, works in the Internet, and he’s a geek. He says he’s been shot down many times.


For the women (from left to right in the photo below),Kate, 27, sells insurance. She is pretty, but still feels dorky inside. Her friends call her “One Date Kate.” She comes off a little loony. Jill, 27, is a motivational speaker and author. She really wants an amazing relationship. Katy, 25, is a retail manager from the South. (Also, why the producers thought it was OK to put a Kate and Katy in the same episode, I don’t know.)


The host, Rossi Moreale, gives them the breakdown of the process, and tells them that they will go on a group date. The guys try to trick the women by staying quite. They also surprise the women with a song! The women think John is a little strange. They all like that Drew plays guitar. They think Brad seems smart.

After their date, the contestants choose one dater to go on a private date with. Jill and Brad go on a date together. They hold hands to communication with each other. Brad feels they really connected.

Drew and Katy go on a date. He does a touch test. He notices that she’s shorter than he expected. Katy also really likes Drew. Next, John invited Jill. They also do the touch test. Jill is a little surprised by it. They decide to line dance. Finally, Kate invited Brad. Kate is really awkward in the room, and seems actually afraid. She totally shuts down. Brad is concerned that she seems a little crazy.

Next, the daters receive the luggage from the opposite sex. The women go through Drew’s first, and they like his style. The men awkwardly hold bras, namely Jill’s. The women are concerned by John’s bag because it smells. The men also awkwardly hold underwear, namely Katy’s. The women also like Brad’s clothes, and how organized it was. The men awkwardly hold short skirts, namely Kate’s.


Kate and Brad go on another date. He says he can tell she’s scared, and she finally opens up about it all. He feels her face, which is a big step for them. He gives her a little kiss on the cheek. Kate is worried because Jill is also interested in Brad. The participants continue on dates, awkwardly touching each other.

Next, the daters find out who they should be most compatible with. Brad is most compatible with Jill. Katy is most compatible with Drew. Kate is sad that she’s most compatible with John.

Jill and Brad go on their compatibility date. They talk about the future. Drew and Katy go on their compatibility date, and seem to hit it off. Kate and John go on their date. They spend a lot of time talking about their stomachs. Kate feels no chemistry at all.

The contestants are given a special surprise for their final dates. They get to pretend they are at the beach…in their swimsuits! For their final dates, Katy and Drew invite each other. They sit in a little kiddie pool and chat. Drew is obsessed with finding out what she looks like.

John chooses Katy for his final date. He awkwardly finds his way into the pool, but discovers that Katy is not for him. Katy already knew that.


Brad and Jill go on another date in the kiddie pool. They continue to build their connection. They share a kiss! Kate also invites Brad, to give it another try. Brad discovers that she’s fun and sassy, so it looks like he’ll have a hard decision to make. They share some neck kisses.

It’s time for the reveal! Each dater invites one person to a reveal. John invited no one. Katy and Drew invite each other. They are first up for the reveal, and are both very nervous.

Brad will meet both Jill and Kate. He meets Jill first, and she’s very happy with what she sees. He also meets Kate, and he seems very happy with what he sees. Kate is a little concerned. Brad is upset because Kate is really good looking, so now he doesn’t know what to do.

Katy and Drew meet each other on the balcony, which is no surprise. Kate and Jill both decide if they are going to wait for Brad. Jill decides to wait on the balcony, but Kate decides she’s not going to wait for Brad. Again, the pretty girl decides to go home alone.

Will Brad meet Jill on the balcony? He does! They ride off into the sunlight together.

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