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America’s Got Talent: Semi-Finals Round Two Live Performances!

August 31, 2010 07:56 PM by Candace Young


It’s time for the second round of semi-finalists to show their stuff on NBC‘s America’s Got Talent! For this semi-final show, five of the twelve contestants will move on, joining the five from last week to form the top ten. Host Nick Cannon explains that if all three judges – Sharon Osbourne, Piers Morgan, and Howie Mandel – buzz an act, they must stop, although viewers can still vote for them. Read on to hear about each of the live performances…

Alice Tan Ridley opens the second round of the semi-finals tonight.  This stage is a long way from the subway where she formerly sang for money. Alice, wearing a blue gown and dazzling jewelry, impresses with a her powerful vocals as expected – she seems like a star already! Piers compliments her on her glamorous look and incredibly strong performance.  Sharon loved the song, saying it was amazing and sensational.  Howie points out that she’s touched the hearts of Americans and wishes her luck.

Haspop is the next act to do his ninety seconds live on America’s Got Talent.  His storyline is a little strange, but his pop ‘n’ lock is really amazing.  Piers buzzes before it’s over. Sharon appreciates how he tried to bring his act to another level, but she wasn’t so keen on his performance this time. She hopes he is voted through.  Howie disagrees – he wowed him! Piers didn’t really get it tonight, but acknowledges his dancing abilities.


The only instrumentalist left in the competition will play now. It’s Maestro Alexander Bui the pianist. Piers loves him, but acknowledges that if he doesn’t play something tonight they’ve all heard of, he’ll likely go home. Alexander tickles the ivories with passion and drama, but gets buzzed by Howie.  Howie explains that his talent is undeniable, but it’s not what they need at this point in the competition. Piers argues that Howie is a cultural ignoramus and says Alexander Bui is magnificent! Sharon calls the act very exciting.  I feel Howie – he’s obviously a genius, but I wouldn’t opt to go watch him in Vegas.

It’s time for Ashleigh and Michael the aerial acrobats who fooled everyone last week into thinking Ashleigh had fallen from the trapeze.  What will they do to top that shock factor? Maybe nothing. This week they hope to touch the judges’ hearts. They are clad in white and have a cloud theme going. It’s very good, but lacks excitement. Piers says there were no big tricks or drama, but he really liked the performance. Sharon thought it was a great set. Howie found it was still scary because they didn’t use safety harnesses.


Michael Grasso, the magician/illusionist is back tonight for the semi-finals of America’s Got Talent. He comes out in a black suit with cloak and places a girl in a raised cage covered with a gold lame curtain. The base is removed.  He hooks a chain to the cage, which is raised higher up, then pulls off the curtain to reveal it is empty. The girl strides across the stage! Sharon tells him it was sensational! Howie tells him he deserves to be there and he hopes people vote for him! Piers says he’s got things going with this act – he’s becoming a world class magic act!

Debra Romer is out to sing live now. Her performance is breathy and mesmerizing tonight. Howie tells her it was really nice, but he’s not sure that’s enough.  The crowd boos, and Howie shouts that he’s a cultural ignoramus! Piers kind of knows where he is coming from, though, saying the performance didn’t knock him out the way some of the other acts have. Sharon feels the song was limited for showing her vocal ability. She has to find something larger than life.


The only dance crew to make it to the semi-finals is Studio One Young Beast Society, and it is their turn to shine.  With even more difficult tricks, the dancers hit the stage in green and purple neon and pulsing music.  Their choreography has the audience on their feet! Piers says that is what entertaining is about! He is impressed with the results of their hard work. Sharon loves the urgency, saying it’s cutting edge and she loves it! Howie agrees with Piers and Sharon – it was exciting and electric!

Jeremy van Schoonhoven the stunt bike rider got hurt badly in practice, but is ready to perform tonight. Unfortunately, he muffs one of his tricks (on two park benches), but he recovers brilliantly by climbing a miniature mountain on his bike and then jumping down it! The judges and crowd are screaming and on their feet! Sharon asks if he’s crazy?  She tells him he is sensational, and she has so much respect for him performing injured. Howie laughs at Sharon urging people to vote like it’s a telethon. Piers notes how it went wrong a bit at the start, but he didn’t give up – he’s a fighter!


Pop singer Nathaniel Kenyon takes his shot now. He’s been sick and nervous in the past and has to be top notch tonight. He looks great, and sounds good, but still doesn’t do much on the stage. Piers buzzes him.  Howie says the audience loves him, but it’s not as exciting as some of the other acts. He says he’s not there yet, but he’s very good. Piers tells Nathaniel they all like him, however, tonight there were too many missed notes for him to deserve a spot in the top ten. Sharon replies that luckily, America decides, not Piers. She thinks the young girls will love him!

Murray will take the stage next with his magic act. Last week he made a tiger appear.  This week, he comes out talking about his father working on the railroad. He says he’s brought his own train tonight! He brings up two volunteers to watch the train as he covers the front with a curtain.  He dedicates it to his dad as he raises the train up and makes it disappear!  Piers thinks it was a good trick, but the chat was boring.  Sharon says what he did was incredible. Howie kind of agrees with Piers about the presentation of it.


Jackie Evancho, the phenomenal young opera singer, is back tonight for her semi-final turn.  She once again wows everyone with that deep, rich voice that seems to come from somewhere or someone else! Sharon tells her she is blessed to have been born with such a gift – her life will never be the same again.  Howie says she’s like an angel from another planet – it’s unbelievable, and he’s glad to witness it. Piers tells Jackie this is why they do the show – in her they’ve found a superstar!

Fighting Gravity is the final act of the semi-finalists to perform tonight on America’s Got Talent. The group of students actually have had to take off a semester from school to continue on the show.  The blacklit stage comes alive with neon-colored figures and white figures. Pink neon smoke puffs up and orange neon skateboards are used for tricks. It looks so cool! They get a standing ovation! Howie says ‘wow’ over and over – they’re one of his favorite acts, and he feels they are headliners. Piers agrees with Howie, adding that they are original and fresh, bigger and better! Sharon tells them their act is so cool – and they will pull in huge audiences in Vegas!

Tomorrow night is the results show – and Jason Derulo will perform live!

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  1. Doreen Talma Says:
    September 2nd, 2010 at 11:57 am

    I hope all these very talented people get job offers after their performances last night – except for little Jackie who should go back to school and enjoy her childhood!


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