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Flipping Out: Baby Mania & Getting Fired!

August 31, 2010 07:32 PM by Nancy Floyd


Tonight’s new episode of Flipping Out on Bravo has Jeff Lewis holding babies, getting fired, and dealing with sleazeballs! He struggles to complete construction on Casa Vega, his first-ever restaurant renovation, in time for Cinco de Mayo while dealing with a baby in the office! He also gets fired by a client and smooth-talked by a seller. Keep reading for more details on tonight’s new episode…

On tonight’s new episode of Flipping Out on Bravo, Jeff Lewis has to deal with reluctant clients, babies in the workplace, and a sleazy door salesman! Jeff’s house manager, Jett, is having a hard time with his childcare arrangements meaning he needs to bring his infant son, Mason, with him to work. Meanwhile, Jeff struggles with a budget-conscious client and begins construction on Casa Vega, a difficult task while the restaurant remains open.


Jeff Lewis’ first appointment is with a new client, Jeru, at his home on Knoll Dr. Jeff and Jeru have already mutually agreed on what the project will entail so Jeff meets with the contractor to walk through the renovation step-by-step. Back at the office, Jett brings his son, Mason, to work. He’s been having an issue with childcare so Jeff graciously allowed him to bring the baby to work. Naturally, Jeff assigns some babysitting responsibility to Zoila.

On the way to meet Christy, the owner of Casa Vega, Jeff and Sarah devise a plan to get an invite for lunch. At the restaurant, Christy really wants phase one of the renovation process (the new lobby and entryway) to be completed before Cinco de Mayo. Since she also wants the restaurant to stay open to customers during construction and the holiday is closing in, Jeff is fearful that the project won’t be completed on time. After the meeting, there is a long awkward pause while Jeff tries to gesture to Sarah to say something about lunch. She totally misses his hint, but Christy invites them in anyways, questioning why they always happen to stop by around lunchtime.


At the house, Jeff begins to get used to the idea of having a baby around. Although Mason is a little uncomfortable around Jeff at first, as evidenced by his bloodcurdling screams, after a while the pair seem to like each other quite a bit. Jeff even begins to think about his desire to have kids and thinks the time might be right. Or at least, closer. At the Knoll property, Jeff begins the demo process on Jeru’s house.

Jeff Lewis heads to Arte de Mexico, the shop where he’ll be purchasing the impressive front door for Casa Vega. His client, Christy, has given him the deposit so Jeff is expecting a quick visit to drop it off. Enter David, the slick and sleazy owner of Arte de Mexico who is eager for an up-sell. He throws out cheesy phrases like “this is your journey” and “I’m your co-pilot” and “we want to work for your smile (*wink*).” Jeff seems squeamish in his chair and desperate to escape.


Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos meet with Jeru at his property to show him the demolition work and give him an estimated budget. After looking at the budget, Jeru looks like he might pass out. Jeff and Jenni try to convince him about the importance of using high-quality products, but after their meeting and his hurried escape, they’re worried that he’s not interested in hiring them for the rest of the renovations.

In Sherman Oaks, Sarah shows up in a paint smock (another punishment for taking Jeff’s credit card home) and Jeff Lewis tries to impress the owner, Tracey, by being present for the hardwood floor shipment. Jeff is excited to get started on the project since he has the whole idea mapped out in his head. In a surprising show of compassion, Jeff asks to hold Tracey’s newborn. This comes, of course, right after he insinuates that the baby’s skin color might suggest she has a different dad than Tracey’s husband. Seconds after taking the baby in his arms, he begins to fret over it’s unibrow and wonder if it’s appropriate to pluck a newborn’s eyebrows.


Jeff and Sarah race around town to give various consultations on remodels, renovations, and design work. Back at the office, Jeff Lewis struggles to get in touch with Jeru who seems to have gotten cold feet about the project. At Casa Vega, construction is underway and Christie has high hopes of completing the lobby before Cinco de Mayo. Since the restaurant is remaining open during the renovations, the construction crew is having some serious scheduling conflicts.

Back at the house, Zoila gives Jett lessons on how to properly feed his baby so as to not choke him or cause an ear infection. Jett seems super thrilled by Zoila’s unsolicited parenting advice. Meanwhile, Jeff Lewis, Sarah, and Christy from Casa Vega meet with David, the sleazy owner of Arte de Mexico, regarding the new front door for the restaurant. Jeff is worried that the door handle is too high for the average customer. After 15 minutes of staring at it, Jeff realizes that the door is actually upside down and he’s shocked that of all the employees standing around, no one bothered to notice. David also throws out his signature “we work for your smile” line and my skin is officially crawling.


At home, Jett struggles to walk all three of Jeff’s dogs while having his son strapped to his chest. He figures out a good routine and is grateful that his son, Mason, is fitting in well with Jeff Lewis’s ragtag group of employees since he will, hopefully, become something of a permanent fixture around the office. Meanwhile, Jenni Pulos manages to get Jeru on the phone. After bumping into a mutual friend at the grocery store, Jenni finds out that Jeru has decided to go with another designer instead of Jeff, a fact that Jeru reluctantly confirms on the phone.


At the office, Jenni is terrified to tell Jeff the news that Jeru has fired them. She finally delivers the news and Jeff is furious. He wishes Jeru had the decency or courage to actually tell them he was fired. The next day, while Jeff and Sarah are driving to Casa Vega, he “accidentally” ends up on Knoll Road to drive past Jeru’s property to see if construction is going on. Jeff is clearly upset about being fired, but it’s nothing a free meal at Casa Vega can’t cure!

Tune into Flipping Out on Bravo next Tuesday night at 9pm for Zoila’s birthday celebration and a staff trip to New York City!!

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