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Hair Battle Spectacular: Guest Judge Jason Griggers And Vampire Styles!

August 31, 2010 08:31 PM by Jennifer


On another hair raising episode of  Hair Battle Spectacular on Oxygen, the remaining designers deal with attitude from one of their own, and this time, the Glam Slam challenge sucks… literally! Keep reading to see who gets clipped!

Fingaz is sick and tired of being up for elimination each week, obviously she thinks she should be at the top. But will she be up for a barbershop Check Up From The Neck Up challenge on tonight’s Hair Battle Spectacular on Oxygen while they work on men? Six male models each hold a different item as their inspiration for what needs to be shaved into their model’s head. But this challenge had a special prize, the assist card, which makes another designer have to help the winner for a whole hour before the Glam Slam. As J Rok cuts a flower necklace inspired design into his model’s hair, Minista tries to make a mohawk inspired by an engagement ring to represent a band. Tsunami used a different approach, using colored nail polish to represent the beading on shirt his design was supposed to represent. Fingaz was not happy that her item was a pair of red, lacy panties, mainly because she is married and was offended. As time ran out, it was time for the designers to face Derek J.

Sexi Lexi was judged first, showing Derek J her zebra print inspired by a purse. Valley Girl was next, and she made a stiletto heel design inspired by one of Derek J’s shoes.  Fingaz was clearly unhappy she had to do a man’s hair. Looks like Fingaz and Tsunami were named the worst, while J Rok and Minista had the best, and Derek J chose Minista, who won the assist card. But the night isn’t over yet, because the next day is the Glam Slam, and there is a guest judge, fantasy hair expert Jason Griggers.  Host Brooke Burns gives them the their Glam Slam challenge, they must create a style inspired by vampires! They also got a budget of $70 to shop for goodies for their design at a Halloween store.


When it comes time to style on tonight’s Hair Battle Spectacular on Oxygen, Minista figures what better way to throw Fingaz off her game than to give her the assist card, and she made her do all of her dirty work, but she wouldn’t let Fingaz even touch her design.  But it may have backfired on her. because all of things she had Fingaz do required Minista’s attention, which took away from her time as well.  As the clock was winding down, the designers meet with their models and get them fitted for their hairpieces inspired by vampires.

As the Glam Slam arrives, the judges, Derek J, Lindsay Albanese and Jason Griggers are introduces, and the battle begins. First up is Sexi Lexi versus Valley Girl. Sexi Lexi’s model looked like Cruella Deville, and Valley Girl’s model had two huge black horns on top.  The judges liked Sexi Lexi better this time around! Next up to battle was Tsunami and J Rok. Tsunami’s model had a tall black and blonde style with a head on the model’s neck.  J Rok’s model looked like she had two huge black ears on her.  They had to pick one, and they let Tsunami take this one.

For the battle I was looking forward to the most on tonight’s Hair Battle Spectacular on Oxygen, Minista versus Fingaz, Minista went at her right out of the gate. She told host Brooke Burns that she chose Fingaz because she was going to cut her off!  After showing Minista’s style which consisted of a a church on top of her model’s head, Fingaz was a little intimidated by it. Apparently the judges felt the same, declaring Minista the winner. So it is down to Minista, Tsunami and Sexi Lexi battling it out to be the winner, which Derek J announces surprisingly that this week it is Sexi Lexi!  That means that someone else must go home, and this week J Rok, Fingaz and Valley Girl were in the bottom three.  It came down to Fingaz and J Rok, and the judges chose J Rok to go home!  With the competition down to five, who will be the next to go?  Tune in in two weeks to find out!

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