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Big Brother 12: Sock Puppets & Dancing

September 01, 2010 07:51 PM by Ryan Haidet


Two more entertaining punishments struck the Big Brother house tonight as Ragan was left desperate without any alliance to keep him safe.  Nominated against Enzo for eviction, Ragan knew this was the most critical week for him in the house all summer.

Penguin Party & Ragan Studies

Enzo held an official shunning ceremony as he was allowed to remove the penguin costume, which he was forced to wear as a punishment for one week.  He happily ripped the costume off and put his arms in the air.  “I’m free, man. …  No more black cloud.”  Everybody else watched on and laughed as Enzo laid the penguin costume to rest.

Spending lots of time alone obviously feeling threatened with the looming eviction, Ragan was busy studying everything about the house and his fellow contestants.  He compared himself to Rocky Balboa without anybody cheering him on.

Singing Clam

For the Veto competition the house guests went to the backyard to see a giant clam singing Broadway-style songs.  The contest was broken down into several rounds.  Each round the giant clam sang a song about two evicted houseguests.  The final five then had to find the names of the two players he was singing about on a CD somewhere in the muck behind them.  Lane guessed incorrectly and was eliminated from the competition first.  Hayden was out in the next round.  Britney was eliminated third.  The final round came down to both nominees — Ragan and Enzo.  “He better be scared because I’m taking this,” Enzo vowed.  As the race was on, Enzo and Ragan both dived for the same CD.  After a quick battle, Enzo won the challenge.  Frustrated with his loss, Ragan threw a CD at the clam, which then bounced off and knocked Enzo in the head.  A double shot.

After the loss Ragan wanted to be left alone.  “I feel hopeless.  I’m in the worst possible position.”  Knowing that he has no strong allies in the house, Ragan said he was heartbroken that his game was now over.  Enzo and Hayden both thought Ragan was being a sore loser about the whole situation.


With Enzo winning the POV, Britney wanted to make sure she stayed close to the guys to ensure her safety.  Up in the HOH bedroom, Britney talked to Lane about the person he will be picking as a replacement nominee.  “You would be stupid to evict me,” Britney told him.

Break Out The Puppets!

The house guests were also dealt their final two punishments for the week since Lane opened Pandora’s Box.  The first punishment, which we saw on Sunday night’s episode, is when all of their silverware and drinking glasses were removed from the house for the week.  The second punishment required every house guest to use a sock puppet every time they spoke for 12 hours.  Each sock puppet resembled the cast members.

The third punishment required all of the house guests to dance whenever they heard music throughout a 12-hour period.  It was funny to watch as they all got into it, but nobody was very good at dancing — especially Hayden.  Yikes, dude!  I can’t wait for him to see how bad it is when he gets home to watch it.

Lane’s New Nominee

Lane was worried that if he puts Britney on the chopping block after Enzo uses the POV on himself that she would be backdoored and sent packing Thursday night.  And his concerns are very real because Enzo and Hayden have both discussed taking Britney out next if she happens to get nominated.

At the Veto ceremony, Enzo pulled himself off the chopping block.  Moments later, Lane went against the Brigade’s wishes and named Hayden as the replacement nominee.  That means only Britney and Enzo will be voting on who to evict.  Will it be Ragan or Hayden?


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