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MasterChef: Gordon Ramsay Cuts Three Contestants On A Romance Themed Evening!

September 01, 2010 08:05 PM by Lisa Princ


That’s right folks, on a brand new two hour episode of Masterchef on FOX tonight, Gordon Ramsay will cut not two, but three of the remaining nine contestants. With the contestants battling it out in one romantic challenge after another, you may be surprised at who flunks and who flies this week. Keep reading for all the juicy details!

Masterchef on FOX kicked off tonight with a mystery box challenge. This time all of the ingredients were outside the box, except for one ingredient, the main ingredient which was revealed to be Dungeness crab….I guess that is a tad bit romantic to start the evening. In this challenge, only the three best looking dishes would be tasted, granting one person the win, and the advantage in the next challenge. While most of the contestants had no issues cooking up their crabs, Sheetal had a huge problem with it, claiming that “every living creature has a soul”…..um, sorry honey I would be cooking him in a heartbeat! Despite her rough time with the crabs and all the tears it brought it her, her crab curry dish did earn her a spot in the top three along with Lee and Sharone.

Lee ended up taking the win with his crab gazpacho which gave him the advantage of choosing the main ingredient in the next challenge. Gordon Ramsay revealed only the theme: romance. With that in mind, lee examined the three ingredient choices of chocolate, passion fruit and cheese. After making it perfectly clear that he would not cook anything with chocolate, Lee chose the passion fruit for a romantic dinner’s main ingredient. This week it worked to his advantage, as his beef/passion fruit dish wound up being so delicious, not only did he get another win for the evening, but Gordon, Graham and Joe asked that all the contestants come up and taste his dish. Sharone flat out refused to taste Lee’s dish, but everyone else gobbled it up. The worst dish of the challenge was Slim, who was then sent packing up and heading home, even though all of the ladies were in the bottom of this challenge!


For the next challenge on Masterchef on FOX, the romance continued as the contestants would be broken up into two groups and would be catering a wedding of more than 100 people. Lee was asked to choose his team members and I think he purposely did not choose Sharone for shunning his previous dish. Sharone vowed to take his team to the top…nothing like a little culinary rivalry. Lee’s red team of Tracy, Jake, Mike and himself worked hard but Tracy made a crucial mistake in burning part of the appetizer. The blue team of Sharone, Sheetal, Whitney and David really came together as a team and it paid off for them as they wound up winning the challenge despite the fact that Gordon and Graham did jump in to help both teams finish up. Lucky for us, we got to see some skin on Chef Ramsay and lucky for  the blue team, they were safe and the red team was up for elimination.

For their final challenge to see who would be staying and who would be going, Gordon Ramsay let them know they would be making fresh pasta. But there was a twist….only two of them would be staying and two of them would be packing up. Three of the four contestants got right to work on their pasta, while Tracy fiddled around with everything else first and pushed her pasta off for last. This proved to be a crucial mistake as her dish was so bad she was the first contestant sent packing for this challenge. Mike, who had the best pasta was then sent to safety leaving Jake and Lee awaiting their fate. Gordon was furious that two of his “front runners” who he swore he would see in the finale were standing up there. Luckily for Lee, I think winning the other two challenges saved him as Jake was sent packing for his poorly created pasta and squid dish.

Good luck to Slim, Tracy and Jake! Be sure to tune in next week to Masterchef on FOX on Wednesday at 8 pm EST for another 2 hours of cooking fun!

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