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Big Brother 12: Jury Fights, Another Evicted

September 02, 2010 06:24 PM by Ryan Haidet


The best drama on tonight’s Big Brother didn’t come during the live eviction, but when Matt dropped the bombshell on his fellow jury members that he was lying about his wife’s disease.  Shocked and stunned with his nasty actions, they were all turned off by Matt even asking him to leave their presence.  Good, he deserves it entirely.  Despite that big fight, we did have another eviction as Hayden and Ragan both sat on the chopping block.

Ragan Rallies

Ragan knew he wasn’t getting Enzo’s vote whatsoever.  But he thought he might have a chance with Britney.  He was hoping he could convince her to vote on his side, which would then force a tiebreaker vote from Lane, the Head Of Household.  He told Britney that she is currently the last rung on the ladder between Hayden and Enzo, and if either of them win HOH that they would target both she and Lane for eviction.  He then upped the offer — he promised to take her to the final two.  Convincing argument.


Ragan then went and fought to get Lane on his side.  Ragan argued that if Hayden or Enzo make it to the end of the game that they will beat anybody else — without question.  Ragan told Lane this was his chance to finally step up and make a move that might earn him some respect from the jury.  Once again, another convincing argument.  But did it work?

Dirtbag, Scum, Jerk, Idiot, Moron, Turd…

Things really got interesting when we got our first glimpse of the jury house.  It started with footage from two weeks ago when Rachel was at the house by herself waiting for the next person to arrive.  Much to her surprise, Kathy came walking in the door.  She told Rachel everything about how she was eliminated when Matt used the diamond Power Of Veto.


Fast forward a week — Matt came strolling into the jury house.  His arrival brought mixed emotions from Kathy because she was sad he couldn’t make it longer in the game to benefit his wife’s disease.  But she was excited to see him since he was the guy responsible for her elimination.


After the first three jury members watched a recap of what happened before Matt’s eviction, Brendon came walking into the jury house.  Rachel was very sad he was evicted from the game, but was thrilled to see him.  She thought he looked “hot,” but Matt thought Brendon looked like a penis with his shaved head.


Moments later Matt asked them all to sit down so he could tell them a secret.  He felt like it was time for everybody to learn about the real Matt, which is why he came clean about his wife’s illness.  In case you forgot, Matt had been lying all summer long that his wife was suffering from an illness back home, which he said was a strategy to win sympathy votes from the other contestants.  Kathy was instantly disgusted with him as she stood up and stormed away from the table while saying she couldn’t believe he would fib about something so serious — especially when she fought cancer herself.  Rachel called him “worse than evil” before asking him to leave the room.  Kathy then said there isn’t enough money in the world to sell her soul to the devil, which she felt Matt came pretty close to doing.

Nice Guys Finish…  Fifth

Only two people were able to vote in the eviction — Enzo and Britney.  Despite his pleas to stay in the house, both votes were made to evict Ragan.  “Good luck guys,” he said as he grabbed his bag and walked out the front door.  Although he didn’t make any interesting comments in his exit interview with Julie, one thing did strike me as quite hilarious — Ragan’s feet didn’t even come close to touching the floor as he sat on the couch in front of the studio audience.  He looked like a tiny kid during that interview, but one thing was clear — he had the best farewell messages from his housemates.  Nobody had anything bad to say about him.  Ragan, you truly seem like a stand-up guy.


Let It Snow!

In the live HOH competition, only Enzo, Britney and Hayden were eligible to compete as Lane watched on.  With the backyard decorated with fake snow and Christmas decorations, each of the three players had to squeeze their fingers through chicken wire while handling a delicate glass ornament.  They had to then maneuver the ornaments on the other side of the wire to several spots on the tree.  The first person to fill all of the empty spots on the tree before placing a star at the top would win the power of HOH.  When the credits started rolling, we were left without a winner as the competition continued.  But Hayden was in the lead followed by Enzo and Britney.

It’s hard to believe, but the competition is quickly winding down as the finale arrives in less than two weeks on September 15.  That’s why our next eviction comes next Wednesday as the three-part final HOH battle begins.


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