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Project Runway: Remaking the Bridesmaid Dress

September 03, 2010 12:31 PM by Rebecca Ford


This week on Project Runway, the contestants rework one the most infamously ugly dresses ever—the bridesmaid dress. Tensions run high in the workroom since last week’s betrayal as Michael C. feels even more isolated.

The morning after last week’s elimination, many of the contestants say they feel that Michael C. should have gone home. Michael C. will not soon forget that they all threw him under the bus last week.

They meet Heidi on the runway to hear about their next challenge. Women walk out in hideous bridesmaid dresses. The challenge is to rework the dresses into something they would really want to wear again. The contestants are shocked by the terrible materials and color choices.

After they pick their models, the contestants head to the workroom to get their hands on their bridesmaid dresses. Tim Gunn says they are going to mood, and they can buy up to two yards of additional fabric. First, he sends in the clients to talk about the look. Michael D., who had last pick of model, lucks out when his model says she doesn’t care what he does.

They head off to Mood to buy additional fabric. They buy the best they can, and then return to the workroom. In the sewing room, the contestants continue to complain about Michael C.


Tim Gunn visits the workroom, and Gretchen is still upset that he called her manipulative during the last challenge. She wants for him to talk about the dress, not her personality. He gives her some good advice, and she takes it.

Michael D. is struggling with his larger, pink dress. Tim Gunn isn’t sure he’s heading in the right direction. He says it looks like an oversized bra. Tim Gunn likes what Mondo’s doing, turning a monstrosity into a really cute dress.

Tim Gunn says he’s got a surprise! Tomorrow will not be a runway day. Instead, it will be a designer showcase with hundreds of people. They’ll present their design at the showcase, and the guests will vote on their favorite outfits, which will factor into the judges’ decision.

The clients return for a fitting. Peach is stressed because she made a cutting error, which makes her dress fit oddly.

The next day, Valerie admits that she’s getting more insecure as the competition continues. Gretchen continues to give out her opinions about everyone. At the workroom, the clients return and get ready for the show.

At the show, each contestant has a small stage where their client will stand in their new dress. There will be a fish bowl where the audience can drop a button for their favorite design. Tim Gunn tells them to really engage the audience and sell their look.


The contestants chat up the audience. Michael C. notices that Gretchen’s model is showing a lot of “boobage” on the sides. Michael D. only gets one button, and he’s not happy about it. A rumor spreads that Michael C. is telling people not to vote for Ivy. She’s irritated!

The next day, it’s time for the runway show and the judging. The contestants run around the workroom to make last-minute changes. They have two hours to prep their models, which flies by.

At the show, the judges get to take a look at the looks on the models. This week’s guest judge is Cynthia Rowley! Gretchen loves her outfit as it comes down the runway, and says it was very much in her style. Some of the others aren’t quite as happy with their looks.

The judges put Michael D, Valerie and Peach on the bottom. They praise Christopher, Mondo and, surprisingly, Michael C! Mondo got the most votes from the showcase for his fun, modern dress. The judges say there’s nothing sexy about Peach’s dress, although he loves the hair. The kiss of death may be when her model says the dress is “comfortable.”

They say Michael C. made something young and edgy, and they give him the win! The other contestants are NOT happy about that!

Peach is sent home for her ruffley mess. She’s upset, and disappointed.

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2 Responses to “Project Runway: Remaking the Bridesmaid Dress”

  1. polley Says:
    September 4th, 2010 at 3:43 pm

    Go Michael C. Did you see the looks on all those losers faces!!! Priceless!!!

  2. jumpthru Says:
    September 4th, 2010 at 6:25 pm

    Where did these people come from? They are not team players and mean. Gretchen and Ivy should look at themselves, they have not been in the top anything for the past two shows, so what does that tell them? Their styles are only safe. Gretchen does not know everything or anything about design. They won’t get far with those attitudes.


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