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Big Brother 12: Winding Down

September 05, 2010 06:31 PM by Ryan Haidet


Right where we left off — the Head Of Household competition from where it started on Thursday night’s live show.  Enzo, Britney and Hayden were battling in the Big Brother backyard by using their fingers through chicken wire to maneuver 18 glass Christmas ornaments up a tree from the other side.  The first person to get all of the ornaments placed followed by a star on the top would claim victory.

Most-Important HOH So Far…

In between segments from the HOH competition, Britney said in confessional that she now feels like an outsider since Ragan was evicted from the game.  Duh!  That’s your fault, Britney.  Remember that you voted against him, too?  Back in the competition, Hayden was way ahead of everybody else.  Britney, who jokingly said she has been called a ball buster before, kept breaking the ornaments in her fingertips.  Although she started to get the hang of it, none of that mattered because Hayden was so far ahead that he easily claimed victory.  Hayden gladly walked over and grabbed the key for the HOH bedroom.  In confessional after the challenge, Britney was brought to tears as she said she feels lonely in the house without anybody to help her. “I’m having an infant’s temper tantrum, but it’s frustrating,” Britney said as she wiped away her tears.

Search For Money

After grill up some hot dogs, the houseguests came back inside to see a tiny dinner table fitting for the final four.  The smaller table really put a perspective on how far they all made it.


In a fun luxury competition, each houseguest was given one gold coin with their name on it.  They had to take that coin inside the house one at a time and hide it.  Once that was done everybody rushed into the house and searched for the other hidden coins.  The person with the coin not discovered would win $10,000.  It was very amusing to watch the final four tear through the house like hyenas, but Lane said searching for the coins was like waiting for the end of a Harry Potter movie — they both take forever.  When it was all said and done, Britney won the competition and took home the $10,000 since nobody could find her golden coin mixed in with some nasty trash.

Britney Blasts Away

Britney said everybody in the house has gotten pretty boring as they do nothing but sleep.  So to spice up their day in the house, Britney walked over to Hayden in the backyard and smashed him in the face with a pillow as he tried to lay back and relax.  As soon as she smacked him in the head with the pillow, everybody else got involved and started slamming each other.

But the fun and games were short lived as strategy started to take over after their pillow battle.  Upstairs in the HOH bedroom, Hayden and Enzo talked about taking out Lane in the upcoming eviction.  They feld keeping Britney might be more beneficial because they knew they had a two-on-one advantage and would likely beat her in the final HOH competition.  If it all played out like that, they would both be able to make it to the final two.

No Big Surprises Here

At the Nomination Ceremony, Hayden did the obvious –  he targeted Britney and Lane for eviction.  He said that none of it was personal since he loves everybody left in the game.  It was strictly strategic.  Britney and Lane took it well, but were both focused now on winning the Power Of Veto.  Lane was hoping he could win the POV, save himself and then vote to oust Enzo.

We’ll find out how it all plays out on a special eviction episode Wednesday night.  But if you can’t wait to see who took home the POV, you can find out right now, RIGHT HERE.

Who do you think the jury will choose? Who do you want to win it all?  Take our poll now!

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