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Intervention: Producer Dan Partland Explains About The Hit Show!

September 05, 2010 12:00 PM by Jennifer


Dan Partland, one of the producers of the Intervention, the show about people dealing with addiction, gives some insight into the the show, and how even after so many seasons, some addicts don’t realize that they are on the show. Keep reading to hear more!

In a recent interview with TVSquad, the producer said that a lot of addicts tend to watch the show because they can relate to the addicts they feature. He also said that they do very little outreach to addicts themselves,that most of the people featured on the shows have families who submit their story to the show for help.

When asked if the addicts they feature know right away that they
are on the show, he stated that they do a lot to make sure that the family’s interest in an intervention is safeguarded. He also said that the reason they keep the intervention hidden until the end is because then the addicts are surprised and don’t have the time to organize a plan to back out of it.

He also said that everything up until the intervention is handled by the show, and that the intervention is strictly done by the Interventionists. “Basically, there’s a very clear division on this show, which is we do the storytelling part and they do the intervention part. Anything that has to do with the intervention or any therapeutic process is handled by the interventionist or other professionals,” he told TVSquad.

I will admit that this show may seem boring, but once you get into it, it is really interesting to see how people who thought they could never get clean, get a whole fresh start in life.

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