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Bachelor Pad: Shocking Twist and Water Balloon Challenge!

September 06, 2010 07:01 PM by Candace Young


On the heels of Krisily and Wes being eliminated on ABC‘s Bachelor Pad last week, the eleven remaining contestants start out this week facing up to the reality of a shocking elimination twist. Read on to hear what happens next, and find out who is going home tonight!

Chris Harrison calls the eleven remaining finalists into the living room area and stuns them with the news that it’s time to even up the number of girls versus guys, which means three girls will be leaving today!  He sends the freaking out bachelorettes to pack, promising to tell them how the eliminations will be determined later.


Back outside, the contestants are faced with Chris Harrison, Melissa Rycroft, and a bottle which they assume is for Spin the Bottle.  Chris announces that the guys will determine which ladies will be leaving. They must choose the woman they feel will be their best partner, and from then on, they will compete as a couple.  The guys must offer a kiss, and if the girl accepts, she’s safe.

The bottle spins and points to Kiptyn. He recalls Nikki’s earlier loyalty, but ultimately he picks Tenley, who accepts his kiss.  The bottle points to Kovacs next. He pretends to waffle, but goes with his, er, gut, and chooses Elizabeth. She accepts his kiss and is safe.


Jesse B has to decide now which girl will be his best partner. Peyton worries that he won’t choose her because she declined to go to the Fantasy Suite with him after he picked her nose on their last date. He appears to be over it – he kisses her and she’s safe.  No more surprises are in store – Dave picks the chick he’s been sleeping with too, which means Natalie is safe. Ashley, Nikki, and Gwen are going home without love or money.

The four couples sit on the sofas trying to comprehend the fact that they now have to rely on someone else in their quest for the money. Having no idea what the first couple competition will be, Kovacs and Elizabeth brush up on how well they know each other.

Natalie is excited to be competing alongside Dave, who she categorizes as a real man. She feels this may be the beginning of their happily ever after.  Tipping the nauseating factor totally in their favor, Tenley and Kiptyn giggle and kiss, and kiss and giggle – and then she annoints them ‘Kipten’.


Peyton and Jesse B attempt a little bonding inside the house, and after an exchange about how a banana ought to be peeled, Peyton groans that she wishes she were doing this on her own!

Finally, it’s time for the first couples competition. Chris tells them only one couple can win, get the date, and be safe in the next elimination. Melissa announces that they’ll be doing a water balloon toss. Drop three balloons, and you’re out.  The girls throw to the guys and they all catch them. The guys take a step back, throw, and the girls all catch the balloons.

At the new distance, Peyton and Jesse break all three balloons and are out of the challenge.  Now quite far apart, Tenley and Kiptyn are the next to get out.  Elizabeth drops one.  She drops again, and a third time.  Dave and Natalie remain, but have to complete one successful pass to win.  The first attempt breaks, but Natalie catches the next one – they’re safe!


Dave and Natalie are excited to have won the date, but Peyton is having a meltdown worrying that she and Jesse B are the logical ones to be voted off.  Jesse B is incredibly reassuring and sweet.

Outside, Tenley and Natalie discuss which couple is the biggest threat – it’s Elizabeth and Kovacs who have known each other the longest.  Peyton talks to Natalie about it, and is skeptical when she says she would vote off Elizabeth.

The date card comes, saying, “Spend the night together under the stars.” Dave and Natalie get ready. Kovacs and Elizabeth sneak outside and find a yellow Lamborghini – and make out in it! They go inside to tell the others, and Dave, a car lover, is super-pumped. He and Natalie take off, with Dave driving the car ‘like he stole it’! Later, they reach their cliffside destination and Dave takes hot photos of Natalie and the car.


By candlelight, Natalie and Dave do shots and talk about their views and experiences with romance, including their parents’ relationships. Dave was hit hard by divorce as a child and opens up about the rift between him and his father.

While Dave and Natalie discuss strategy and reach an impasse when he insists he won’t vote Kovacs out, back at the house, Elizabeth and Kovacs sneak into the Fantasy Suite.  Kovacs wants to get naked, but Elizabeth holds out for him to tell her he loves her.

The next morning, Dave and Natalie triumphantly return from their date and go looking for Elizabeth and Kovacs in the Fantasy Suite. While Kovacs and Dave laugh and joke, Natalie tenses, feeling that Dave doesn’t really understand what’s at stake. Later, downstairs on the sofa, the ‘bromance’ continues as Kovacs and Dave pledge to support each other to the end.  Natalie tells Peyton that she needs to sway Tenley and Kiptyn because Dave won’t budge.


Peyton seeks out Tenley and warns her about keeping power couple, Kovacs and Elizabeth.  Tenley goes to broach the topic with Kiptyn. Soon, everyone dresses for the Rose Ceremony, and the strategy talks continue. Dave informs Natalie that he has a pact with Kovacs he won’t break.

Chris Harrison appears and tells them that they are competing as couples, will be eliminated as a couple, but will vote individually. Dave and Natalie have roses, and are safe.  The twist of having eight votes instead of four changes everything.  Tenley and Natalie whisper and make a women code pact of their own – they want Elizabeth and Kovacs out! Jesse B speaks to Kiptyn, warning that if he keeps Kovacs, he will go home next time because he and Dave will stick together.

Rose Ceremony

Chris and Melissa begin the ceremony, wishing them all the best. Tenley and Kiptyn are asked to accept roses – they are safe.  Elizabeth and Kovacs also get roses – they are safe. Peyton and Jesse B, who believed they were safe,  have been eliminated.  It turns out Natalie voted against them – she didn’t want to go against Dave’s wishes.

Next week for the season finale, the competition will be ballroom dancing with Dancing With the Stars choreographers! Also, the entire cast comes back to face a live studio audience!

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