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Dancing With The Stars: Bristol Palin Denies Diva Rumors

September 06, 2010 02:00 PM by Lisa Princ


Bristol Palin has recently been deemed the diva of season eleven on Dancing With the Stars on ABC, with some even referring to her as the next Kate Gosselin. But according to Bristol, she is not being difficult or acting like a diva in any way. Keep reading to hear what she has to say!

While she does admit her dance experience is not great, Bristol Palin is fighting back all the rumors that she has become the diva of ABC‘s season eleven of Dancing With the Stars. Bristol opened up recently during an episode of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, stating she is not being difficult. She goes on to say “Literally, I was thinking about it today: the only thing I’ve ever asked for is a velcro mic pack, so I don’t have to wear it on my belt loop,” said the 19 year old mother “That’s the only thing I’ve ever asked for.”

So why is the young mom being accused of being a diva then? She is certainly not the most dressed contestant as she recently claimed she would be due to her modesty, as you can see from the picture above. The only modestly dressed contestant will most likely be Florence Henderson! Bristol’s mom, Sarah Palin had this to say on twitter in regards to all the diva rumors “Wow, media goofballs rearing heads this week,big time! Wonder what’s up? Taking the cake: Bristol=a diva? Silly..obviously have never met her”. I guess we will just have to keep watching to see how Bristol’s personality pans out on the show!

Are you excited about season eleven of Dancing With the Stars on ABC? Come share your thoughts with us and be sure to tune in September 20th at 8 pm EST for the season premiere!

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