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America’s Got Talent: Top Ten and Enrique Iglesias Perform Live!

September 07, 2010 07:56 PM by Candace Young


From tens of thousands to just ten! Tonight on NBC, the contestants on America’s Got Talent have been reduced to a Top Ten. These awesome acts will perform tonight for judges Sharon Osbourne, Piers Morgan, and Howie Mandel, as well as for the live audience and millions of viewers. Only four acts can advance to next week’s season finale, so this is truly crunch time! Keep reading for all of the highlights – who will you vote for?!

Studio One Young Beast Society takes the stage first. They’ve come back each week with more tricks, including things the judges have never seen before! Tonight, they wow everyone again, with a robotic theme and some incredible moves and stunts.  Piers is impressed with their ambition and calls it a brilliant performance! Sharon says their passion shows in their dance; it was phenomenal! Howie agrees with the other judges, adding that they once again did moves they’ve never seen!

Christina and Ali, the singing sisters take their shot at advancing next. Tonight they’re going upbeat in an effort to have fun while competing. They look fantastic in red dresses, and even have back up dancers! Their vocals sound good and they’re adorable. Sharon loves them, saying they just get better. Howie says they make everyone smile, and have a nice and enjoyable act. Piers calls their journey ‘extraordinary’, and says they are natural entertainers who make everyone feel good.


Jeremy van Schoonhoven, who completed that incredible stunt bike trip down the makeshift cliff last week, is back tonight.  Sporting a flashy silver jacket, Jeremy tells Nick Cannon he is so ready for this,  and proceeds to jump down a set of stairs and across three garbage cans on a unicycle! He switches to a two-wheeler and climbs box-by-box up to the top of a brick wall then down, over fire and a car, back to the stage!  Heart-stopping!  Howie tells him his heart was in his mouth from the start – incredible! Piers is nearly speechless, but guarantees him he is a crowd-pleaser like no other that gets better each time! Sharon calls the act brilliant, noting his confidence and sexiness too!

Taylor Mathews, formerly a coffee shop singer, is here to perform for millions on America’s Got Talent tonight! Dressed in white and accompanying himself on acoustic guitar, Taylor sings What a Wonderful World. He funks it up, and he’s adorable, but the song choice might make it or break it.  Piers asks immediately who chose the song and arrangement, and then tells him it was his best performance to date – brilliant! Sharon says he is so clever and tells him he is the best musical person in the competition. Howie compliments him on going back to his comfort zone and owning it!


Anna and Patryk, the 12 year-old dancers will take the stage next. They come out dressed in a masquerade theme and do a dirty boogie style of dance full of energy! Anna has a little slip and Sharon reassures her she was very professional about it. Sharon also compliments the the choreography. Howie asks if Anna hurt herself, and reassures them that they were wonderful! Piers acknowledges that Anna is teary because she fell while performing in competition, but notes that she got up and carried on like a star!

Enrique Iglesias hits the America’s Got Talent stage live to perform his hit, I Like It!  Find out who will perform on tomorrow night’s results show.

Fighting Gravity, the guys who have put college on hold to pursue their dream, are up next. Tonight they have a space theme and are depicting landing on the moon! Howie says he loves them – he finds it phenomenal! Piers notes that it keeps getting better, and it’s the one act that really says ‘Vegas’ to him! Sharon agrees – she can see the billboard now!


Michael Grimm is ready to perform live without his guitar for the first time tonight. He comes out just to sing, and boy does he! Michael delivers an incredibly smooth and soulful version of Let’s Stay Together. He receives a standing ovation. Piers tells him it was perfectly executed and he just proved why he’s one of the favorites. Sharon is impressed at his performance without his guitar and compliments his song choice too! Howie marvels at him connecting with the audience – he’s a star and deserves to go all the way!

Michael Grasso, who was brought back as a Wildcard, takes the stage now to perform his newest illusion. He has a woman in a clear box and inserts numerous swords into it. He covers the box in a curtain, steps inside, and the woman comes out! Another woman is now in the box and Michael is revealed as one of the masked assistants!  Sharon says he delivers every single week – she really hopes he goes through! Howie is astounded and crowns Michael the King of Magic! Piers says he’s the best magician they’ve had on the show – it’s an incredible competition.


The one and only Prince Poppycock, who Sharon dubbed the male Lady Gaga, is up next. He calls this number Poppycock’s love letter back to America. Poppycock is lowered onto the stage singing The Star Spangled Banner with a Prince Poppycock Statue of Liberty behind him! Once on the stage, he launches into Yankee Doodle Dandy and Red, White, and Blue Forever, complete with fireworks! Howie says he ‘is’ a show! There are no words! Piers claims also to be temporarily speechless, but manages to say he puts on a spectacular show! Sharon says there’s no end to what he can do!

Amazing ten year-old opera singer Jackie Evancho will perform last on tonight’s show. In a long lilac gown, looking like she’s standing in the clouds, Jackie sings like the proverbial angel.  She garners another standing ovation for her efforts. Piers has never seen a vocal performance like that on the show – he hopes to be known as the guy who helped discover Jackie Evancho! Sharon says it was heavenly – she will never forget it! Howie asks if she ever swallowed a grown up! Everyone laughs, and Howie tells her he’s honored to be there to hear her sing.

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One Response to “America’s Got Talent: Top Ten and Enrique Iglesias Perform Live!”

  1. Christine McDow Says:
    September 8th, 2010 at 11:20 am

    Anna falling is exactly why 10 year olds (or however young she is) shouldn’t wear heels while walking down stairs. I think when it comes to advertising a winner as having a “Vegas” show they should consider only people that are actually old enough to work in Vegas. I don’t think the kid dancers or the opera singer should even be on the show at this point.


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