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Bachelor Pad: Chris Harrison On Episode Five Eliminations!

September 07, 2010 08:18 AM by Candace Young


From the tense beginning of episode five of ABC‘s Bachelor Pad, through the twists and drama that followed, co-host Chris Harrison was there for all of it. Today, he shared his thoughts on the girls who left, the power couples, and more, on his blog. Read on for the inside scoop!

It was a different atmosphere right from the beginning last night on Bachelor Pad. Chris Harrison says, “You could hear a pin drop when I walked in and dropped the bomb on the cast that three girls would be going home immediately. Remember, I told them the first day we moved in that this moment would be coming. I’m not sure if they forgot, or just didn’t see it coming, but they were all caught by surprise.”

Chris observed that one of the most interesting things about Bachelor Pad is that the contestants really had no blueprint on how to play it.

Harrison commented that the elimination of the girls went as they all expected, adding, “I know the women who went home were disappointed, but they have absolutely nobody to blame but themselves. They had the numbers and the strategy that could have easily changed the dynamic in the house, but time and time again they fell on their own swords and let the strongest couples remain.”


Chris Harrison also shared a few observations about the couples. Of Tenley and Kiptyn (or Kip-Ten), he remarked, “They already look like an old married couple to me, and I mean that in a good way.”  He says he’s not sure what to make of Kovacs and Elizabeth’s relationship, but he loved Jesse Kovacs’ line, “If a girl catches a bad case of Kovacs, so be it.” He called it the best line of the week!

Of Dave and Natalie’s hook-up, Chris had this to say, “I’m not sure this is something that’s made to last or made to play the game. With that said, that moment where Dave was talking to Natalie about his dad was as emotional as we’ve ever had. You watch these people on TV and think you know a little something about them. When you see moments like that, you realize you don’t know much at all.”


Chris called Peyton and Jesse B his favorite dysfunctional couple of all time, saying that even though they are just friends, their interactions cracked him up.

Chris Harrison also has some thoughts on strategy for the remainder of the show. He observed that, “The guys seem to be dictating to the women what’s going to happen. If things are ever going to change, the women will have to turn the tide and take control of the vote and the game.”

Did you miss episode five? Get all the details about the shocking twist and water balloon challenge!

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