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Dating in the Dark: Muscles and Manhandling

September 07, 2010 12:58 AM by Rebecca Ford


This week on ABC’s Dating in the Dark, the contestants learn that a person’s voice sometimes doesn’t match their body. Who will end up finding a spark in the dark?

The guys (from left to right in the photo below): Chad, 33, works in catering and is a good ol’ Texan at heart. Kyle, 25, is a good-looking guy, but his voice is very high-pitched, and could affect his chances. Jason, 27, is a fitness model and personal trainer. He says he often gets judges by his looks.


The ladies (from left to right in the photo below): Melanie, 30, is an office assistant. She realized she’s ready for a real relationship. Violet , 27, is a promotions coordinator, and lives at home with her parents. Randi, an assistant, says she’s a “black Barbie Doll, sexy party girl.”


After the contestants settle in, Rossi meets with them, and gives them the rules. He then tells them they’ll all be in a group date.

The guys stumble in first, but stay perfectly quite when the girls walk in, scaring them. There’s lots of hand-holding. Randi thinks Kyle is probably nerdy because of his voice. Kyle notices that Randi seems like a party girl. Chad seems funny.

Rossi enters the darkroom, which is a new twist on the show. He puts them on the spot, and says they have to say who they want to go on the next day with. Kyle picks Randi, and Randi picks Kyle. Melanie and Jason pick each other. Chad picks Violet, but Violet picks Kyle. Chad is a little upset he doesn’t get chosen. He says he needs to find a way for the women to get to know home.

Randi and Kyle are up first for their date. She says his voice sounds nothing like his body. She’s impressed by his body. Kyle talks to her about her partying ways. They feel each other’s faces. Randi gets the feeling that he’s sort of a player.


Kyle then goes on a date with Violet. They do a little salsa lesson. Then Violet goes on a date with Chad. They do a trust fall, so they start building a little bit of connection. Violet doesn’t really get his humor.

Next, Melanie and Jason go on their date. She says they had a good conversation in the beginning, but then he talked way too much. She’s a little concerned that she’s not fit enough for him. Then, Kyle and Melanie go on a date, and she gets a little crush on Kyle.

The hot Rossi tells the daters that they’ll be giving the opposite sex daters their clothes…off their backs. He asks them for all their clothes!  He brings the clothes to the opposite sex daters so they can figure it out.

They are not told whose clothes belong to each, but the women figure it out. The women see Comfort Gel in Jason’s shoes, which they think is funny. They find cowboy boots in Chad’s box, of course. The guys fumble around with bras.

With this new information, the participants go for another round of dates. Jason and Violet invite each other. He brings strawberries and champagne, and they have an awkward kissing/eating moment. He then takes his shirt off, which freaks Violet out a little. Randi then also goes on a date with Jason. She hopes he won’t pull the same trick on her, but he does! She then leaves!


Melanie chooses Kyle, hoping they can make a connection. He asks for a kiss, and she gives him one. Melanie says she thinks she falling for Kyle. Because of his initial connection with Randi, he invites her on a date. She talks about her betrayal with a past lover. They have a very honest conversation. Kyle again asks for a kiss, and Randi gives it to him. She is also into him. Melanie finds out that Randi and Kyle also shared a kiss, so she gets upset. She feels she may not date Kyle again.

Rossi tells the daters that they will find out who their most compatible partner should be based on their personality tests. They will then go out with that person. Melanie is paired with Jason. Randi is paired with Kyle at 91 percent! Violet and Chad are paired together.

Chad and Violet are up first. They have a pretty deep conversation. Violet admits that she doesn’t trust anybody. She admits she lives with her parents, which doesn’t bother Chad. She likes him, and enjoyed her date.

Jason and Melanie go on their compatibility date. She brings a basket with wire into it, and asks him to express himself with it. She wants to crack his shell. He opens up more to Melanie. She likes that he was honest and open.

Kyle and Randi are up for their compatibility date. He is really happy with their high compatibility. They have a fun, good date. They both agree that they’ll be inviting each other into the light.

For the reveal, each participant invited who they want to see in the light. Violet and Chad invite each other. After they are revealed to each other. Chad is happy with how Violet looks, and says she’s probably out of his league. Violet says he was tall, and had a good smile, but she’s not sure about the cowboy style.

Jason and Melanie go for their reveals of each other. Jason thinks she’s cute, but Melanie is disappointed. She says he wasn’t what she expected. She says he seems average.

Randi and Kyle are last for their reveal. Randi is very happy with how Kyle looks. Kyle says she’s hott, but he’s concerned he’s older than her. He also says he’s never dated an African-American girl before.
Now it’s time to make a choice. If the dater wants to continue dating, they will meet on the balcony. Randi waits on the balcony for Kyle. And Kyle joins her, saying she doesn’t look as old as he thought.

Jason waits on the balcony for Melanie. She is a little concerned about his obsession with his looks, which she thinks are average at best. Shockingly, Melanie leaves out the front door! She says she was too disappointed by Jason’s looks. Jason sadly watches her leave. He says he learns he has to open up emotionally.

Chad waits on the balcony for Violet. She is still not sure if she likes his cowboy style. She decides to meet him on the balcony, and they ride off into the light together!

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