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Flipping Out: Jeff Lewis Heads To New York City To Design A Kitchen For House Beautiful Magazine!

September 07, 2010 07:16 PM by Jennifer


Tonight on an all new episode of Flipping Out on Bravo, Jeff Lewis ventures into New York City to design a kitchen that will for House Beautiful Magazine, and be featured in Rockefeller Center. but while he is away, can Sara keep all of the L.A. projects running smoothly? Keep reading to find out!

Jeff visits all of his current projects and gives Sara a heads up on everything before jetting off to New York City with Jenni for a meeting with House Beautiful Magazine to design their kitchen of the year, which is apparently quite an honor, because the design will be assembled in Rockefeller Center. He is apprehensive though, because he is nervous about leaving Sara behind to handle the projects, and we all know how obsessive he is about everything! His one client Tracey was a little scared herself. But when he stops by one of his projects, Citrus, there is mud on the floors all over the building. He accuses the painter, who denies it, but has the mud all over his shoes! Not a good way to make him feel good about leaving.

On a happier note on Flipping Out on Bravo, it is Zoila’s birthday, and Jeff decides what better present then to take her with them to New York City, where Jenni said that Zoila may try to escape! But neither she or Jenni want to sit next to him on the plane. I wonder why… When they arrive in New York City, Zoila starts talking about how expensive everything is, and Jeff realizes that she is talking about all of the stuff she ate and drank at the mini bar in her fridge at the hotel! After he is done getting mad, he takes her shopping for something other than her uniforms. But everything she tries on makes her boobs look big, so Jeff keeps trying to get her to try on some bigger things. While in New York, Jeff and Jenni meet with the owner of a building with 240 apartments, and what Jeff thought was a meeting about him designing for them was actually a meeting where this guy was trying to get Jeff to flip his property, and it turned out to be a total waster of his time. Meanwhile, Zoila is busy walking around New York City, eating fabulous meals and going to the top of Rockefeller Center. It was so cute, like a kid who was seeing the city for the first time.


After he leaves there, it is time for his meeting with House Beautiful, and he is a little surprised to hear that the kitchen he designs will be up for 6 weeks, and not one like he thought, which is making him a little nervous. But he was in for a shock, because when he thought the meeting was over, they told him it was just the beginning, that they were headed upstairs for an even bigger meeting, with a lot more people. You could tell he was not prepared at all for this meeting, and he was put on the spot to give a little speech. He stumbled his way through it, but once he got comfortable and getting a vision of a design, he was fine. Zoila, on the other hand, was riding the subway to Chinatown, buying new luggage for her new clothes and enjoying herself. That night, Jeff and Jenni also took her out to dinner for her birthday, where Jeff tells her how much he appreciates her, and how if he ever adopts a child that he wants her around to help him out for that. Finally, Zoila is getting some recognition!

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