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America’s Next Top Model: Cycle 15 Premiere

September 08, 2010 09:05 PM by Rebecca Ford


Cycle 15 of America’s Next Top Model explodes onto the CW tonight, and there’s plenty of drama in store for this high-fashion season. Host and supermodel Tyra Banks promises that this season will be elevated to a whole new level.

This cycle’s winner gets a spread in Italian Vogue, a modeling contract with Img model management and a Covergirl contract.

The contestants get on a bus with assigned seating, and find out they are heading to Palm Springs. Casey, who was on Cycle 11, did not make a good impression when she broke down into tears. She says she’s grown, and raps on the bus.

The J’s (judge J. Alexander and director of photography Jay Manuel) greet the ladies in Palm Springs. They tell the women that who they sat with on the bus is their direct competition.

The ladies then move into their hotel rooms. Then, they head out to the porch for some lemonade. Tyra Banks appears! She tells the women that this season is all about high-fashion! She wants editorial poses and looks. Even though it’s all about high-fashion, they still get a Cover Girl contract.

The women then meet the Jays for their first runway experiment. They are given Cynthia Rowley clothes for the shoot, and grouped into their stereotypes. First, it’s the “quirky group.” Next, the strong bone structure group. Then, it’s the blondes. Finally, the brunettes do their walk. Next, the women all hang out and Kasey calls out Jordan for saying that she doesn’t want to be here.

The judges then meet with the semifinalists. Kayla is up first with her really curly locks. Tyra makes her go out and wet her hair. They say she looks much better with her hair straight. She says she grew up very poor and slept in a sleeping bag until she was 13. Rhianna is dressed very strangely, and says she gets most of her inspiration for posing from plants.


The blonde Chelsey says she modeled when she was 13, but was told she was too fat. There’s some big drama behind the scenes. Apparently, one of the girls read Emily’s diary, and told everyone that she wrote that she was scared she was almost put in a room with a black girl. The other girls get in her face about this, and she starts to cry.

A girl names Sara comes in with a rap! The peppy blonde is also a mom. She has huge lips! Kendal, from Alabama, was found on Tyra’s website. She also is a virgin. She says she just likes to cuddle. Tyra says she’s one of the most beautiful models she’s seen on the contest in a long time.

Ann, 19, has a controversially tiny waist. She’s also 6’ 2”. How is she not already a model?! She says modeling agencies have told her that she’s too tall. Tyra likes her awkward.

Next to greet the judges are sisters Chris and Terra. They are a lot of personality! But Tyra feels that one is a model, and one isn’t.

The contestants meet the Js outside, and they are told that some of them are invited to a party, and others aren’t. This is the first cut. As usual, there’s chaos as the women run for their cars. Some scream with joy, while others are in tears.


The lucky 20 are invited to the party, with Cynthia Rowley! The contestants are told that they will be paired with someone of their “type.” They will compete directly against someone of their type, and Jay will figure out who stands out more. The pairs are photographed together, and Jay can already see when one girl outshines the other.

Tyra and the Js meet to talk about the women. They keep things in the groups that they established earlier. For the blondes, the judges were impressed with Chelsey. They also spend some time talking about the sisters. They say they wish they could combine them into a really strong model. For the quirky girls, they say Ann has a lot of potential, but seems a little lost.

The ladies meet with Tyra for their first real elimination. Tyra says she’ll be keeping 14 of the 20 in front of her. She calls Annamaria first, who is pumped! She calls Kendal, Rhianna, Chris, Jane, Chelsey, Liz, Sara, Lexie, Ester, Casey, Kayla, and Ann. These are some of the most emotional responses I’ve ever seen on this show!


Who will get the final spot? Terra is called last! Her sister and her are overjoyed that they’ll be moving on together. There are a lot of tears from those who didn’t make it.

Now the competition REALLY begins!

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