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Big Brother 12: Brigade Reveals Their Secret

September 08, 2010 07:02 PM by Ryan Haidet


Tonight delivered a special eviction on Big Brother 12, which was actually taped on Tuesday night.  Lane and Britney were both nominated for eviction under Hayden’s third reign as Head Of Household.  Hayden was working hard to get Britney out of the house next, but Lane was secretly pushing to keep her safe.  With different strategies filling the house, everybody was extremely nervous about the upcoming Power Of Veto competition.

Important POV

The POV competition involved trivia about several events and all of the houseguests from the summer.  Not surprisingly, Lane struggled.  “My brain is mixing me up,” he said in confessional about the challenge.  Enzo answered all of the questions first and quickly buzzed in — but something was incorrect in his answers.  Moments later Hayden buzzed in with all of the right answers and won the POV, which we reported several days ago. Hayden was thrilled with the idea that he has full control this week.  Lane now was forced to change his strategy by showing the Brigade he has always wanted to take Britney out next.


Brigade Breaks Its Silence

After becoming one of the most-successful alliances ever seen on Big Brother, the three guys decided to tell Britney they have all been a tight group since the first week.  Lane was nervous about coming clean since he has kept that secret from her all summer.  Hayden and Enzo both wanted to let her in on the secret that way she understood why they couldn’t spare her from eviction.  Up in the HOH bedroom, Enzo asked Britney if she believed there was an alliance in the house.  Then Enzo, with a smirk on his face, said he was in an alliance with a couple of people since the game began.  “I was definitely in an alliance with Matty,” he said.  “There was two other people, too.”  As Britney started asking questions, Enzo came clean and admitted the Brigade has been in existence since day two.  They then dished the dirt on all of their nicknames and explained some of their strategy.


Lane, who looked terribly nervous, asked Britney if she was pissed off.  Britney then realized there was no chance for her to stay in the game, which is the moment she started to cry.  Britney got very emotional and wiped her tears away as she tried to walk away from the situation feeling devastated that she got “completely played.”

She was angry that Lane was lying to her the entire game.  “All I am is just another idiot who is a part of his bigger scheme,” she said in confessional.  Lane felt really guilty about what happened and went to talk with her.  “Are you mad at me?” he asked.  She said yes as she got into bed.  “I never lied to you,” he said.  “I never wanted this, and I never played you.”

The Final Three

In the last Veto ceremony of the season, Hayden didn’t use the POV to change the nominations.  After Britney and Lane made their final comments, Enzo stood and cast his vote to evict Britney.  She gave goodbye hugs and grabbed her bag before walking out of the house.


In her exit interview, Britney said she truly loves all three of the guys even though she was devastated the day they came clean about the Brigade alliance.  She said that she also forgives Lane because his intentions always seemed good.  As the goodbye messages from Hayden, Enzo and Lane flashed on the screen, Britney cried with a smile on her face.

The Battle Begins

In part one of the final three-part HOH competition, the guys were all in the backyard hanging from a rope.  The last person hanging from that rope automatically moves to the final round.  Once the competition began, the ropes started swinging back and forth across the backyard banging each of the guys into a padded wall.  The outcome of that competition wasn’t shown, but we will find out who won on Thursday.

The big finale strikes next Wednesday after the premiere of Survivor: Nicaragua.  That’s when Hayden, Lane or Enzo will walk away with the $500,000 grand prize.


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