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MasterChef: Final Four Revealed

September 08, 2010 07:41 PM by Lisa Princ


Gordon Ramsay is back tonight for another two hours of Masterchef on FOX as the final four are revealed. With their final mystery box challenge followed by a tense food critic challenge, who will prove that they have what it takes to make it into the finale next week? Keep reading for all the tasty details!

Masterchef on Fox kicks off the hunt for the final four tonight with the final mystery box challenge. In this challenge, the contestants are asked to create a dish out a venison, brussel sprouts, red wine, eggs and a few other ingredients. Surprisingly, Sheetal rose to the occasion tonight creating a delectable and perfectly cooked venison in red wine sauce over creamed brussel sprouts. For winning the challenge, she had the glory of choosing the main ingredient in the invention challenge in which Chef Ramsay revealed the theme would be dessert.


Sheetal chose vanilla as the main ingredient over honey and a wide selection of berries. Sheetal failed to impress in this challenge as her cake did not cook properly leaving her with nothing more than a custard. The top three dishes of the invention challenge were Sharone, Whitney and David even though his brulee did not burn as it should have. In the end Whitney’s vanilla filled pastries won the judges over and gave her the advantage in the next challenge. The worst dish of this challenge was Mike’s….and honestly I don’t even think the judges knew what it was, but they did know that it contained raw egg whites, which completely killed Mike in this challenge and he was asked to hand over his apron. Maybe if he spent more time creating and thinking and less time running around the kitchen, he would have created something edible at least.

Next up on Masterchef on FOX the remaining five contestants would be cooking a dish that had to be superb as they would be serving it to three well known food critics, one of whom was Jeffrey Steingarten, well known for his Food Network appearances. Before they could cook their dish though they had to head out to sea and catch their dish, or fish that is. David was the first to catch one, or at least he thought he did until he pulled up a rock. After each contestant caught their fish they had to create a delicious meal out of it and then serve it to the judges. The judges would then judge each dish with up to four stars each, leaving the contestant with the most stars the winner, and the bottom two would be fighting it out for a spot in the final four.


After cooking and serving the judges, Gordon Ramsay quickly announced that David, who decided to cook his tough fish like Lobster had won the challenge with 11 out of 12 stars, sending him straight through to the final four. Sherone had the worst dish as he made a poor choice to cook the fish liver and ended up with 4 out 12 stars. Right behind him was Whitney who ended up with 5 of 12 stars and even told the judges ahead of time that she used canned tomatoes…why on earth would anyone do that? That meant Sheetal and Lee were also revealed making the final four and Sharone and Whitney would be cooking for their lives to see which one would make the final four and head into the finale next week.

For their final challenge, the theme once again was dessert. I know this was the theme earlier, but doesn’t that seem a little bias since Whitney is the dessert expert? Maybe it’s just me, but I get the feeling that the judges are pushing for her to win. In any event, they both had to cook a souffle and whoever had the best one would be heading into the finale. Sharone decided to test two batches as he did a test batch first since he had never made one before while Whitney took her sweet time and didn’t get her one batch into the oven until the last minute. Both of them looked good, and even though Whitney barely got hers to the table before it deflated, she won the challenge as Sharone’s needed a few more minutes to finish cooking……..so she won because he ran out of time. That meant Sharone would be heading home, but not without a job offer! That is correct, upon his elimination he was offered a position by Joe Bastianich!

Be sure to tune in next week to Masterchef on FOX on Wednesday at 8 pm EST for the season finale and find out who will be crowned MasterChef!

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