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Top Chef: Season Finale Part One

September 08, 2010 09:18 PM by Lisa Princ


Tonight begins the two part season finale of Top Chef on Bravo. As the remaining four head to Singapore, they are challenged with trying to recreate Asian cuisine. Which chef will have what it takes to gain immunity tonight and which chef will be asked to pack their knives by the end of the evening? Keep reading for all the details, although you may be surprised by the results!

Top Chef on Bravo kicks off the first half of the season finale by taking the remaining four contestants to Singapore. After they get a tour and sample some local dishes, by Singapore food guru Seto, they are quickly and surprisingly thrown into a quickfire challenge. Despite that they are all exhausted, they perk right up when Padma announces it will be an immunity quickfire and whoever wins will be immune in the elimination challenge.


For their quickfire challenge, the contestants are asked to create an Asian dish using nothing but a wok. Angelo immediately apologizes to others as he is sure he will be the one to win immunity. Little does Angelo know that he is not the only skilled wok user in the house as Ed also uses the wok at home. They all get creative and rock the wok, but in the end it is indeed Ed not Angelo who pulls off the win as both Padma and Seto agree that Ed’s dish was the best. Not only did Ed gain immunity but he also got the thrill of seeing how upset Angelo was after he won.

For their elimination challenge on Top Chef, the constants must come up with a menu to feed 80 guests in which they will be working as one team to cook for and they all must be Asian inspired dishes. They will be judged by the normal crew as well as Food & Wine Magazine editor along with Seto, since he knows Asian cuisine better than anyone. They sit down prior and decide on their menu and all they are all in agreement that only one dish per person is needed…..that is until Tom strolls in and looks around, ending up suggesting that they should each do two dishes.


Scrambling to get another dish each out, Kevin, Kelly and Angelo are shocked to hear that Ed was planning on making two dishes anyway….honestly why bother since he has immunity? Ed was clearly out to show everyone that he has what it takes to win. They all worked very well together as a team and the judges seemed like all of the dishes….to the point where Tom actually told them they were the best dishes he had tasted all season. But still, there could only be one winner and one loser. Seto announced the winner of the challenge was…..Ed again! That left Angelo, Kelly and Kevin awaiting their fate. Angelo was in tears the entire time, and when it was announced that Kelly would be packing up and leaving, he really started balling, although I am unsure if they were sad tears or happy tears that he was safe.

Be sure to tune in next week for the second half of the season finale of Top Chef on Bravo. It looks like Angelo comes down with some sort of sickness and cannot compete!

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