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Big Brother 12: Every Man For Himself

September 09, 2010 07:23 PM by Ryan Haidet


Tonight’s live episode of Big Brother 12 didn’t deliver a whole lot.  Although there was big drama featured from the jury house when Ragan and Rachel went toe-to-toe, the only actual gameplay we saw came from the first part of the final Head Of Household competition.  “This is the funnest challenge of the season,” Enzo said as the final three guys swung back and forth on a rope while slamming into padded walls.  They all had fun with the challenge at first, but it soon proved to be quite painful.  Lane compared the challenge to a bar fight in Texas — waking up with testicular pain after getting shoved into walls.

Round One

After just 19 minutes Enzo fell off the rope first.  Shocker.  But instead of immediately cutting a deal with each other, Hayden and Lane kept the battle going.  Hayden was worried that nobody would take him to the final two since he believes he is the biggest threat to win the entire game.


After 2 hours and 35 minutes, Lane fell off his rope, which gave Hayden victory and the right to advance to the final round.


Ragan Rumbles In

Enzo’s family members from New Jersey dished their thoughts on how he has done all season.  It provided some funny moments, but the best part of the evening came when we got to see what happened when Ragan joined the jury house.  As he walked in Matt was very upset.  “How’d you let this happen?” Matt asked his ally.  They all watched the DVD featuring Ragan’s final moments before Matt took him outside to admit that he lied about his wife suffering from an illness.  “Wow, Matt.  That’s pretty hardcore,” Ragan said.  “I have nothing to say.”


Later that night Ragan and Rachel got into a battle when they started talking about the game.  Ragan told her there were no fights after she was voted out, which she couldn’t believe.  “How am I the cause of all the drama in the house, Ragan?”  She started yelling at him when he told her she needed to treat everybody with more respect.  “Ragan, go grab your tiara and be a fuc*ing queen,” Rachel said as she stormed away.  “I’m over you!”

Morphed Faces

The second part of the HOH competition was held live in the backyard.  The challenge involved five pictures that mixed the faces of two houseguests.  The goal was to figure out which two contestants were morphed together.  Lane successfully completed the challenge in 73 seconds while Enzo struggled as usual taking 103 seconds to finish.  Lane’s victory means he and Hayden will square off in the final part of the HOH competition during next Wednesday night’s finale.

Sunday night’s episode brings us an hour-long recap of the entire season with never-before-seen footage sprinkled in.  Yawn.  Wednesday night delivers the two-hour finale in which the final part of the HOH competition will take place, another player is evicted and one of the three is crowned the Big Brother 12 champion.

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