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MasterChef: Mike Kim And Sharone Hakman Exclusive Interview

September 09, 2010 10:39 AM by Lisa Princ


Last night on Masterchef on FOX, Gordon Ramsay eliminated both Mike Kim and Sharone Hakman, crushing both of their dreams of making it into the finale next week. We had a few minutes to catch up with these two great guys today and get their thoughts. Keep reading for the details!

Here is what Sharone Hakman and Mike Kim wanted to share with their Masterchef fans!

RTVM: Tell us about your experience and how you felt getting cut right before the finale.

Sharone Hakman: It was a great and fun experience for me, but I miss it. I miss being there, not having to cook or clean up after myself. It was amazing and the hardest part for me was having to walk away from those three wonderful judges.

Mike Kim: It was a great experience, but I was definitely disappointed to go home so soon.

RTVM: Mike, why did you put the raw egg whites on your dessert considering that hurt you last night on MasterChef?

Mike Kim: I’ve got to tell you, my initial idea for the challenge was to go big and I ended up with too many ingredients going into my dish, adding aa lot more elements than I needed in that dish. I don’t know, I do know that I definitely bit off more than I could chew with this one.

RTVM: Sharone, what did you think when your score came back the lowest on your fish liver dish?

Sharone Hakman: [laughing] Who doesn’t like fish liver? I was trying to show them how to really appreciate the fish. This type of fish resembles monkfish in which the liver is served all the time. I was trying to elevate my dish and give them something fresh, unique and flavorful. I was completely heartbroken when they didn’t like the dish, I could have played it safe but I wanted to take a risk.


RTVM: Sharone, what were you thinking when you heard you would go head to head with Whitney on a dessert challenge, considering she has been deemed the “dessert queen” there?

Sharone Hakman: I kept thinking to myself how I won the cupcakes challenge. Prior though we had done dessert so I was thinking there is no way in hell this can be another dessert challenge. Then I look over at Whitney thinking she is the last person I want to be standing next to for desserts.

RTVM: Do you think she was set up to win that challenge?

Sharone Hakman: Everyone keeps telling me that. People are telling me that they think it was set up since it was a dessert challenge and that they are never going to watch the show again. I personally do not think I was set up.

RTVM: Were you shocked at Joe Bastianich’s job offer?

Sharone Hakman: I was surprised and flattered honestly. It was incredible for him to say that and so touching. Those three judges are wonderful guys, and I am thinking I will eventually take Joe up on that offer.

RTVM: Before we go, any future plans and where can your fans find you online?

Sharone Hakman: I am on facebook and twitter, look me up. I am also working on a non profit organization that will focus on kids and cooking. I would like to teach kids how to make a quick and healthy meal versus them heading out to a fast food joint because there are no other options for them. I am also working on bottling and selling my barbecue sauce since everyone loves it so much.

Mike Kim: I am on facebook. I have a twitter account but I do not use because I can never post all my thoughts without it cutting me off at a limit [giggles]. I am in the process of starting a catering company.

Thanks to both Sharone Hakman and Mike Kim for talking with us! Be sure to tune in next week to Masterchef on FOX on Wednesday at 8 pm EST for the season finale and find out who will be crowned MasterChef!

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