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Project Runway: Resort Wear Challenge

September 09, 2010 10:29 PM by Rebecca Ford


This week on Project Runway, the contestants have a stormy experience when Michael Kors asks them to create resort wear. But a special twist throws the contestants for a loop. Also, Ivy continues her attacks on other contestants, with a new victim!

After last week’s elimination of Peach and win by Michael C., the contestants seem to be in a state of shock. Michael C. has noticed that none of the contestants are happy for him.

There are only four girls left on the show, so they all move into one room. The contestants meet Heidi Klum for their assignment. Michael C. has immunity this week.

Heidi says to meet Tim Gunn and a special guest at the marina for a fun day. When they arrive, they see that Michael Kors is the special guest!

They tell the contestants that their challenge is to create a resort wear look. To get them into a relaxation mode, they will go on a boat ride to sketch, and Michael Kors gives them sunglasses from his line.

They snack and drink on the boat, and then begin to sketch. April and Mondo have a heart-to-heart about their design aesthetics. April is nervous because she’s never really done resort wear. She thinks she’ll do something all-black.


The contestants dock, and head to Mood for fabric. They scramble around for fabric. When they get back to the workroom, Tim Gunn shows up with the velvet bag. The contestants know he is up to no good! He’s putting them into teams of two. They will be executing each others design work! What an opportunity for sabotage!

Valerie is teamed with Andy, Michael C. is with Mondo (who is not happy), April is with Christopher, Casanova is with Gretchen, and Ivy is with Michael D.

The contestants get to work with their new partners. Mondo is honest that he’s nervous about Michael C. especially because he has immunity. Michael C. has to work with someone who does not sketch! Mondo only makes notes. Casanova make a lot of huge sketches, so Casanova thinks she is confusing his problems with English with his eyesight! Gretchen points out that Casanova is heading back into “grandmother” category.

Michael C. says he’s upset that people say he can’t sew. Mondo realizes that he’s been acting rudely to Michael C. He apologizes to him.

Tim Gunn returns to announce another surprise! A guest will be helping Tim Gunn with his critiques…it’s Michael Kors looking as tan as ever!

Michael C. visits Gretchen and Casanova, who are both doing big pants. So is Michael C.! He likes April’s idea, but suggests that she make a boy short. He is confused by Ivy’s design. She seems to have dumbed it down, and Michael Kors says it looks a little too career-oriented.


Michael Kors is tough on Valerie. He says she uses colors that no one likes. She expresses her frustration in never winning.

The models show up for a fitting. Ivy’s design is not really fitting, and Michael D. is probably the problem. Valerie calls her mom, for the emotional phone call of the issue. This seems like a theme that could be cut! It’s cheesy and lame.

The next day at the hotel, Ivy expresses her concern with Michael D.’s inability to sew her look. Back in the workroom, Tim Gunn shows up, telling them they have 2 hours to get their models to hair and makeup.

The designers fit the models. Ivy is literally watching Michael D. over his shoulder as he sews. She comes off as very compulsive and annoying. Ten minutes before the show, the designers are allowed to take possession of their own designs. Ivy is pumped, and scrambling to get her look done.

The contestants take a seat by the runway and are greeted by Heidi. The guest judge is actress Kristen Bell.


They start the runway show. Mondo’s outfit is “sunny” and bright on the runway, but his model isn’t bringing the bubbly personality. Ivy is worried her piece looks a little boring. April says her piece looks exactly like she wanted, like an asylum vacation. Casanova is happy with his piece, and thinks that Heidi would love wearing it. Andy’s swimsuit turned out great! It’s bright and sexy.

Next, Heidi calls Andy, Casanova, Mondo, April, Ivy and Michael D. to stay for further questioning. They have the highest and lowest scores.

Ivy, Casanova and Mondo are told they are the bottom three. Andy, Michael D. and April are told they have the highest scores, so they will be questioned first.

Michael Kors loves April’s tough-punk baby doll look. Nina also says it looks stunning.


Andy’s swimsuit and wrap is also a success with the judges. They say it looks sophisticated and expensive. Ivy says that she helped Michael D. with his outfit. Michael Kors loves it, and Kristen Bell says it looks effortless.

As for the worst of the bunch, Mondo says he doesn’t know what resort wear is. The judges say that is not excuse and that the outfit looks too juvenile. When the judges ask Michael C. how it was working with Mondo, he is very kind to Mondo and vice-versa.

That’s not the case for Ivy. She throws Michael D. under the bus, saying she had to dumb down her outfit.

Michael Kors says it’s a “yawn.” Nina Garcia says she’s not sure if Ivy has design skills or just sewing skills.

Heidi asks why Michael C. was rolling his eyes. Michael C. says Ivy is very hard to work with. Heidi calls out Ivy for throwing Michael D. under the bus. Finally, the judges see the real Ivy!

Casanova says he designed with his grandmother in mind. The judges say the outfit is too old and that there’s nothing cool about it. Nina says his designs are all over the place.


After the judges talk about the looks, they call out the six designers. Heidi says that Michael D. is in. They award April the win! Andy is also safe.

Now, for the loser. Mondo is safe, so it’s between Ivy and Casanova. Heidi announces that Casanova is going home, and Ivy has another day to terrorize the other contestants. This show will be a lot less fun without Casanova and his “exaaaactly.”

Does anyone else feel that this show doesn’t need the extra half an hour? It drags on, just like Casanova’s “grandmother” pants.

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2 Responses to “Project Runway: Resort Wear Challenge”

  1. venicianstarz Says:
    September 10th, 2010 at 12:00 pm

    I love Casanova and I didn’t think his outfit was that bad but maybe that’s why I don’t have a career in fashion. What I don’t understand about Ivy’s excuse is, even if Michael D. couldn’t make pants, how is a long boring skirt with no shape the only option. There are so many types of skirts and it wasn’t the first challenge where she didn’t know what he could sew. He’s made outfits in other challenges that weren’t as boring as this. Meanwhile she desperately needs to pick colors other that the beige/tan/gauzy colors she is ALWAYS using.

  2. Christine McDow Says:
    September 12th, 2010 at 5:12 am

    I liked Casanova’s outfit too! Ivy is a bad loser and can not accept any criticism. The only thing worse than her outfit was her attitude. The judges definitely sent the wrong person home.


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