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The Real Housewives Of DC: The Salahi’s Accuse Mary Amons’ Daughter of Theft Of Their Car!

September 09, 2010 07:21 PM by Jennifer


Just when you think the Salahi’s behavior can’t get any crazier, they cross the line again on tonight’s The Real Housewives of DC on Bravo when they accuse Mary Amons’ daughter of stealing their car! Keep reading to hear what happened!

Tareq looked like he had something important to say at dinner at his winery, and he decides that in front of all of their friends it is time to blurt out that Mary’s daughter put a post up on Facebook bragging about how she and her friends had a great joy ride in a car that was stolen from America’s Polo Cup with a photo of her wearing Tareq’s and other players Polo Team gear. He also said the FBI has been monitoring all phone calls and emails. I can’t help it but Michaele’s husband reminds me of that heavy friend Francis from the Pee Wee’s Playhouse movie. He is like a little kid. He said he cared about what happened to the Polo gear, when everyone was trying to figure out what Mary could do to get her daughter’s name gets cleared. For a couple who seems to have problems paying for things and trying to appear like they have more than they do, they sure seemed focused on the fact that they thought people were condoning stealing. Then he said everyone involved is going to jail. He just seems to take pleasure in saying that there was a grave wrong done to him ,and that people are going to jail for it. Of course this spoiled the whole dinner they were having, and on the way home from the dinner, Stacie and her husband discuss it with Mary, who is clearly embarrassed and appalled that Tareq accused her daughter Lolly of committing such a crime.

When the other ladies find out exactly what Tariq had said on this all new episode of  The Real Housewives of DC on Bravo, they are shocked. Stacie Turner was with Lynda Erkiletian and Cat Ommanney, and Lynda called Tareq a whack job and that they just make things up. Even Cat agreed that there is something wrong with that couple. They always need to be the center of attention. Mary went home and told her daughter Lolly what he had said, and although she says her daughter did put a post on Facebook about something, in no way should she be associated with an FBI investigation. Mary’s husband is clearly pissed that the Salahi’s brought this up. But everyone is on the same page, that the Salahi’s are attention whores. Mary’s husband made a few calls, and he wasn’t able to find anything about any kind of investigation or charges, so they come to the conclusion that the Salahi’s have made the whole story up to take the attention away from any wrong doing they are doing.


At the same time, Cat goes to lunch with Edwina Rodgers, a Republican lobbyist, and Cat starts talking to her about health care reform when Edwina tries to keep changing the subject. Cat seems to be going at her, and Edwina invites her to a party that she is having about health care reform. Cat also invites Stacie Turner and her husband to the dinner, and Stacie realizes that this is the first time they will see Michaele and Tareq Salahi since they accused Mary’s daughter of theft. When they see them at the party, they all act like nothing ever happened. But then Cat arrived, completely dressed like Sara Palin! She even had a tag that said Alaska on it! She said that she totally wanted to dress out of the ordinary for this party hoping to be kicked out. She made every one’s mouth drop! But another shocker was when Edwina Rodgers, the host of the party, unexpectedly leaves, and they show a woman leaving in an ambulance. But no worries for Cat to have someone to argue with, because she ran into Michaele’s assistant, the one who called her a bitch at the vineyard. But Cat walked away when Michaele got involved in the conversation. Michaele seems to bring trouble wherever she goes!

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