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Big Brother 12: A Look Back

September 12, 2010 06:54 PM by Ryan Haidet


Just three contestants remain as this summer’s season of Big Brother winds down.  Tonight — the last episode before the finale — featured a glance back at the season so far with new footage scattered throughout the episode.  The final three guys sat down and shared a nice dinner together as they talked about loads of events in the game.  Nothing too thrilling here.  I can honestly say this recap did one thing for me.  It made me realize how much I truly despise Rachel.

Regurgitated Garbage

As Hayden, Lane and Enzo gabbed about the game, they discussed more previous moments than we saw of new stuff.  This included coverage from the second day in which the Brigade alliance was formed.  We also saw the first sabotage when Annie secretly locked the door to the storage room.  We were forced (gag) to watch the moment Brendon and Rachel fell in love.  We got to relive the moment when the foursome formed the Brigade alliance on day 2.


Then from day 27 we got to watch the awesome eviction speech given by Andrew just moments before he was voted out of the house.  Then we got to see the big fight in the backyard from that same night when Rachel won Head Of Household and verbally sparred with Kristen.


We got to see the Zingbot once again going back to day 43.  Some of the moments with the Zingbot were new like when it poked fun at Hayden’s hair and compared it to pop star Justin Bieber‘s.  The robot congratulated Britney on her engagement, but joked that it was actually with her brother.

There were plenty of scenes showcased as Lane and Britney flirted.  Then we had to watch the moment when Matt used the diamond Power Of Veto.  We got to watch the punishments from Pandora’s Box — the most-heavily featured one came when Rachel came back in the house and fought with Ragan.


Ragan’s reign as saboteur was also showcased including the moment he left a note on Enzo’s bed saying he knew his secret.  We also got to watch the moment once again when Britney was told about the Brigade alliance.

New Nonsense

As far as the promised never-before-seen footage, most of it was extremely lame.  We got to watch multiple confessionals from everybody making fun of the way Rachel laughs.  Snore.


We were taken back to day 22, when Kristen picked up a spider from the kitchen counter and gobbled it down.  The rest of the house exploded in shock as she chewed the ate the arachnid.  Big deal!  Have none of these guys seen Survivor?

We got to see an extended look at the moment when Brendon and Rachel got into a fight.  He was frustrated with her since everything she was talking about was Las Vegas.  She said he was acting ridiculous — especially considering she vowed to move from Las Vegas to be with Brendon.

Lookin’ Ahead

Wednesday brings us the special two-hour finale when Hayden, Lane or Enzo will be crowned the $500,000 grand prize.  My prediction?  If Hayden makes it to the final two, he’s got this game sealed.  If it comes down to Lane and Enzo I think Lane’s got the cake.  Sorry Enzo, but I think you lose no matter what.


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