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Bachelor Pad: Cast Reunion and Season Finale!

September 13, 2010 06:57 PM by Candace Young


It’s time for the past contestants to return for the Bachelor Pad reunion on ABC, and to find out who will win in the season one finale! The remaining six contestants, Dave, Natalie, Kovacs, Elizabeth, Tenley and Kiptyn, will have to participate in a Dancing With the Stars style challenge with surprising judges. Read on for all of the juicy details…and the winner!

Chris Harrison tells the assembled contestants that this competition is the most important they’ve faced – they will be ballroom dancing. Each couple will train with a professional choreographer and perform their routine tonight. The guys aren’t thrilled, nor is Elizabeth, who doesn’t like to dance.

In separate limos for each couple, they make their way to the Los Angeles Ballet studios. Kiptyn and Tenley will work with DWTS’s Chelsie Hightower, Edyta Sliwinska is working with Elizabeth and Kovacs, and Natalie and Dave get Louis van Amstel.  There’s tension in the air in the Elizabeth/Kovacs studio when Kovacs and Edyta work closely, to Elizabeth’s chagrin. Louis tells Dave and Natalie to dance like they have sex in the house!


Soon it’s time for the couples to present their dances to a panel of judges. They get in costumes, with hair and makeup done, and present themselves to Chris, who tells them they will be judged on performance, chemistry, and effort. They’ll get a score from one to ten.  The winning couple is not only safe, but gets to choose the couple to bring with them into the final.

The judges are introduced. First is co-host Melissa Rycroft, second is The Bachelor‘s Jake Pavelka, and the last judge is The Bachelorette‘s Trista Sutter!  Kiptyn and Tenley get the nod to go first.  They do very well.  Melissa gives them 8, Jake gives them 9, and Trista gives them 9, for a total of 26!

Elizabeth and Kovacs are next – they don’t do so well, coming across as hesitant and awkward. Melissa gives them 8, Jake gives them 8, and Trista gives 8, which only totals 24 – they are out of the competition.


Dave and Natalie are the last to perform. They are energetic, but not as technically good as Tenley and Kiptyn.  Melissa awards them 9, Jake gives them 8, and Trista gives them 8 – it’s only 25 points, not enough to beat Tenley and Kiptyn.

They all are sent back into the Bachelor Pad, where Tenley and Kiptyn have to spend the evening deciding which couple they will bring with them, and which will go home!

Chris Harrison calls them together and tells Tenley and Kiptyn to let him know when they’ve made their choice.  Dave and Natalie go off and talk about how the money would enable them to move to the same town and be together. Tenley speaks to Natalie alone and is leaning toward keeping her and Dave. Kiptyn talks to Kovacs, and is more worried about strategy.

Rose Ceremony

Tenley and Kiptyn join Chris Harrison and tell the others how difficult the decision is to make. Kiptyn says he and Tenley would like to invite Dave and Natalie to join them in the finale. Dave breathes a sigh of relief and they accept the roses.  Elizabeth and Kovacs say their goodbyes, and tell the cameras that they didn’t win money, but got a relationship out of it.  The final four celebrate, and say farewell to the mansion.

Live Studio Reunion and Finale!

Chris Harrison and Melissa Rycroft welcome back the the contestants who were eliminated from the house. Chris tells them their vote will help determine who gets the $250,000 prize money.

Chris asks Kovacs and Elizabeth if they are still together. Elizabeth says she’s single, and he’s a player! Kovacs says he went for the money, and they gave a relationship a quick try after leaving Bachelor Pad. Elizabeth says he wanted something casual, which wasn’t for her.

Gia answers for her decision not to give the rose to Craig M.  She says she felt that the other girls were going to keep Craig safe anyway, and denies that giving Wes the rose was emotional.  Chris asks about the attraction between them. Gia admits she’s single now. Wes says he went for the money, but really started to like her. Chris asks where they go from here. The audience calls for a kiss.  They stand up and kiss as the audience cheers.


Chris now brings out Kiptyn and Tenley, and Dave and Natalie.  Chris asks Kiptyn and Tenley about their status. She says he’s her boyfriend.  Dave and Natalie are asked the same thing and confirm it’s all good between them. Chris explains that the other contestants will vote for the couple they feel deserves to win the most – using any criteria.

Melissa and Chris open it up for the contestants to clear the air with the four finalists.  Dave is asked by Ashley about jumping from Jessie to Natalie. He explains that he and Natalie were friends before, and may or may not be more than friends in the future.  Jessie questions if Dave got with Natalie as a strategy. Dave denies it. Krisily asks Dave about telling her she was safe the night she went home. He apologizes.

Peyton asks Kiptyn about lying to her before she left, and when his relationship with Tenley actually began. Kiptyn says he wasn’t lying at the time. He also has to answer for not keeping Nikki around after she bucked her group to be loyal to him.


Michelle is asked by Melissa how she feels about Tenley now. Michelle explains that she was shocked and angered by Tenley spreading the rumor that she slept with Chris M, and adds that she won’t get her vote. Tenley offers a sincere apology, to which Michelle replies that what comes around goes around. The audience boos her.

Wes and Dave revisit their issues, but Wes doesn’t care. Gesturing toward Gia he says he found a wonderful woman – he doesn’t need the money!

Each of the couples are given a chance to say why they should win the money. Natalie takes the opportunity to tell everyone that she would pay off debt and start a charity with the money. Dave talks about his loyalty and that he was honest with everyone in the house.  Gwen confronts Dave about commenting that someone in their late thirties is a loser for being on the show.  She clarifies that she came for the money, not necessarily because it was a dating show. Dave apologizes, saying it was just his opinion.


Tenley talks about using the money to compensate her parents who went down with her when she lost her house to divorce. She also says she’ll have fun. Kiptyn comments about donating to charities and also enjoying some of life’s pleasures.  Juan questions Tenley getting to this point. Jessie sticks up for her, saying she won competitions and deserves to be there.

The eliminated contestants are told to vote for the couple they would like to win. Craig M, Jonathan, Juan, and Gwen vote for Kiptyn and Tenley, while Peyton, Jessie, Krisily, Jesse B, Ashley, Michelle, and Nikki vote for Dave and Natalie. At this point, Dave and Natalie only need one more vote to have the majority. Wes is asked to reveal his vote. He says, “I got you, brother.”  His vote is for Dave and Natalie!

Chris remarks that there are two of them, and only one prize, but the game is about relationships. He explains that they will be escorted to separate rooms and asked to choose between two signs – keep and share.  If only one chooses ‘keep’, they will get the money, if both choose ‘share’, they will share the prize, but if both choose ‘keep’, then neither of them will get the money and it will be split among their former housemates! The crowd goes wild. Dave and Natalie are separated with no time to discuss the matter.  The other contestants speculate on what they’ll do.


Natalie and Dave are brought back out after they’ve made their final decisions.  Dave is asked to reveal his answer – it’s ‘share’.  Natalie asks to say something. She leads everyone to believe she’s chosen ‘keep’, but she hasn’t – she picked ‘share’!  Celebrating ensues, with Dave leaping from his seat and kissing Chris Harrison on the mouth!  Bachelor Pad season one winners – Natalie and Dave get $125,000 each!

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