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Dating in the Dark: Double Trouble Finale

September 13, 2010 11:05 PM by Rebecca Ford


In the season finale of Dating in the Dark, there’s a big surprise for the daters—twins! Two of the male daters are twins, but they don’t plan on telling anyone.

Six new daters move into the house. For the men (from left to right in the photo below), Harrison is a 25-year-old bouncer. He’s usually a booty caller after a late-night of work. He’s a handsome guy. Then, there are the twins. Ray (with longer hair) and Shawn are 26. They are twins who use that to get women. They are hoping to have women get to know each other as individuals.


For the women (from left to right in the photo below), Kayla, 23, says she can be aggressive in relationships. She hopes to get to know the guys first. Kahleel, 27, is a VIP host. She says she was heavier when she was young, so she’s hoping to find something deeper in the dark room. Suzanne, 24, is a server and a student. She’s already been divorced, and looking for a second chance. She wants a good communicator.


Host Rossi Morreale greats the daters, gives them the details and tells them that their first date will be a group date. In the darkroom, the couples chat and joke around. The women can’t tell that Shawn and Ray are twins. Kayla says that she’s a vegan because she loves animals. Kahleel says that she’s a vegetarian, and she gets annoyed what Kayla interrupts her. Ray says he’s interested in Kahleel.

The daters invite someone into the dark room based on their first impressions. Harrison and Suzanne invited each other. Suzanne can talk! A lot! Harrison is not a fan of it. Next, Kayla and Ray also invited each other. They do the hair test, touching each other. Ray says they had instant chemistry, and are sitting very close. And they kiss!

Kahleel and Shawn invited each other. Kahleel quizzes him about his past relationships, but Shawn seems to be stumped into silence. Kahleel is pretty bored.

Next, Rossi tells the daters that they’ll switch rooms so the daters can go through each others stuff! The guys go straight for the underwear of course. They notice that Suzanne didn’t pack much, so she must be low maintenance. The guys see a lot of makeup in one of the women’s stations. They assume it’s Kahleel’s.


The women find a map for fishing in Ray’s bag! Kayla is nervous that Ray isn’t really an animal lover. They are surprised to find that Shawn only brought two shirts. They like Harrison’s beach style.

Next, the daters go on another round of dates. Kayla invited Harrison. Although she’s already kissed Ray, she thinks she might like Harrison by his bag. She then kisses him. She’s becoming a dark room hussie!

Shawn invited Suzanne. He brings fresh guacamole. They seem to hit it off. Finally, Harrison and Kahleel invite each other. He asks her about all the makeup, and she says it’s for her friends. Harrison asks her for a kiss. She gives him a peck. Now, he’s a dark room hussie!

As the dates continue, Kahleel and Harrison continue to bond. As the others shuffle around, the dates don’t really work out. Luckily, Rossi appears to tell the daters who they are most compatible with. Ray is matched with Kayla. Shawn is matched with Suzanne. Finally, Kahleel and Harrison are matched.

They then go on dates with their compatibility partner. Suzanne continues to talk forever! Poor Shawn. She also tells him that she’s divorced. She is just throwing out too much information. She even tells him that she feels more compatible with Harrison. He flips her off, but luckily she can’t see it!


Harrison and Kahleel continue to bond, and kiss. Harrison says he pictures her being African-American and beautiful. He’s excited to see her in the light. Ray and Kayla have their date, and she finds out that Ray likes to go fishing. She says she strongly disagrees with the fact that he fishes. She is impressed by this. They kiss…again.

The final dates will be ice cream sundae bar! The women get to choose the dates. Kahleel chooses Harrison, Kayla chooses Harrison AND Suzanne chooses Harrison! Wow! Harrison is surprised, and the other guys are bummed.

Suzanne is up first. They bumble around trying to make a sundae. Suzanne continues her control over the conversation. It’s too much.

Next, Kahleel meets with Harrison. Now he’s knows his way around a sundae bar. They don’t spend much time eating ice cream. They really hit it off, and continue their kissing marathon.

Finally, Harrison meets with Kayla. She’s got a sneaky plan. She tempts Harrison, asking him to kiss her again. He’s cautious, but she says she won’t tell anyone if he kisses her. He falls for it! Kayla wins The Dark Room Hussie Award!  When she leaves, the ladies ask if she kissed him. She breaks her promise to Harrison and tells them yes!

On the final day, Harrison is really nervous. The twins have decided that they are not interested in seeing anyone, and they plan on not doing the reveal. They feel they have “been tossed aside like a couple of ragdolls.”

Suzanne also decides to leave. She says she didn’t find anyone. Kahleel and Kayla have both decided to request to see Harrison in the reveal room. Harrison and Kahleel are up first. Kahleel is happy with what she sees. Harrison also thinks Kahleel is really beautiful.


Next, Harrison meets Kayla for the reveal. Kayla is also happy with what she sees. Harrison also thinks Kayla is cute. Now, he’s got a tough choice.

If Harrison chooses Kayla, he’ll meet her on the balcony. If he chooses Kahleel, he’ll meet her on the balcony. Both of the women are nervous that they won’t be chosen.

Harrison chooses…Kahleel! He feels that they have a good chance because he got to know her first. Kayla has to watch the happy couple leave together from the balcony. She seems upset, but that’s what you get for being the Dark Room Hussie!

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Photo credit: ABC/RICK ROWELL

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