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Big Brother 12: Boring Live Feeds, But Boys Will Be Boys

September 14, 2010 03:23 PM by Ryan Haidet


Remember a few episodes back when Britney rushed out to the backyard and started a pillow fight to bring excitement back to the Big Brother house?  She claimed the guys left in the game — Hayden, Lane and Enzo — are all extremely boring and only want to lay around all day long.  Based on comments from fans who are watching the live feeds, Britney couldn’t have been more accurate.  There’s a whole lot of nothing going on in the house — other than an occasional masturbation session in the shower.  Yep, lonely times call for certain desires.

Frustrated Fans

I want to point one thing out before you read more into this story.  I am not a subscriber to the live feeds.  All of the commentary on this topic was gathered based on remarks from fans online.

Disclaimer done…

Viewers of the live feeds have been posting all over fan pages, forums, Facebook and Twitter about the nothingness that has been drowning the house.  Early this afternoon one fan wrote on Twitter, “OMG! Your not going to believe what the house guests are doing? Sleeping, yet again.”  Just a few minutes before that post, another viewer wrote, “The Brigade is taking a nap outside.”


And with the final three all being nice guys with no drama, the finale will likely be lackluster, which is why other fans are upset with the way the season played out. “First time since season 5 that I literally gave up mid-season… And yup, I will NOT be watching the finale either! #BB12 fail Fail FAIL!” Another wrote, “Yep! I stopped watching about 3 weeks ago. Boring…”


Lane Masturbates In The Shower

Although most of the live feeds have proven to be rather uneventful this summer, one moment captured in the bathroom sparked nationwide attention.  After it happened — excuse the verbage here — bloggers “spurted” the topic all over their sites.

With privacy completely gone as the game is under scrutiny 24/7, Lane decided to publicly masturbate in the shower as viewers on the live feeds went bananas.  Lane didn’t try to hide what he was doing from the cameras either.  Although the video didn’t actually show any nudity, Lane’s facial expressions and arm movements were enough to drive fans nuts.  OK, sorry for all of the obviously corny references.

Just an FYI, most sites have since removed the video.


Lane has also apparently done it several times since then, too.   As recent as Monday morning, somebody posted on Twitter that “Lane is doing his doo-dah in the shower, again.”  One writer also said, “another special shower for Lane.”  Finally this Tweet made it sound like Lane does it all the time, “oh goodie I turn the feeds back on to hear how famous they are going to be..AGAIN while Lane is jerking it in the shower..AGAIN.”

While some fans teased Lane in their posts for his shower activities, others offered their support.  Some people saying it’s no big deal because he is a human being who has been locked in a small house all summer long.  The only difference here is that the entire nation is watching — unlike when doing something like this in privacy at home.

Sad to think this is what Lane will likely be most-remembered for by the viewers of the feeds.  Just think folks, how would you feel if your private actions were discussed so openly?

Overall, this season has been pretty boring as this Tweet sums up everything fans have been saying: looks like Hayden and Enzo are snoozing again and Lane is STILL in the shower……”


The finale comes Wednesday night with Hayden, Lane or Enzo walking away with the $500,000 prize.

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