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Flipping Out: Jeff Lewis Takes On Too Many Projects And Calls Jenni Pulos A Moron!

September 14, 2010 07:20 PM by Jennifer


Tensions run high on an all new episode of Flipping Out on Bravo! Business is booming, and Jeff is thrilled with all of the new clients he is taking on. But has he bit off more than he can chew? Keep reading to find out what he is going to do about it!

As Jeff checks on the many properties he has going on, he keeps running into clients who are not making any decisions about what they want done, and it is really driving Jeff up the wall. As he checks on Cole, another project he is doing for stylist Chaz Dean, it just adds to his bad day when he finds out that one of the girls that works for Chaz made the decision to install a washing machine in the garage of the place instead of where he and the owner had agreed it would go. Then when he goes back there to check on the contractor’s work, Jenni Pulos is giving her opinion about a fireplace, and Jeff Lewis is not happy. But it only gets better.

His bad day just keeps getting worse on Flipping Out on Bravo when another client, Barb, wants Jeff Lewis to sign a contract saying that for every day they go over the deadline with their work, they would have to pay a fine. She is not like his regular clients though, and he is really not going to make any money on her kitchen remodel. So he lets them go as clients and hands them over to Chris, who they work with as a contractor. Barb was a little puzzled with it, but she is kind of strange and I think Jeff Lewis was better off pawning her off on someone else, especially when she told Jenni Pulos that she loved her! Finally he was able to not only lighten his load, but free up some time to take on another client that may make him some money.


As he returns to Casa Vega, the restaurant that he is renovating, and he realizes that the project may not be finished by Cinco De Mayo as hinted before. But he really goes over the edge when he sees that his contractor hasn’t done one of the walls the way he had asked, and he realizes the owner is a bit upset. She is angry at the noise level of the work that is going on when people are trying to eat in the restaurant.

The owner’s daughter gets really pissed off when the contractor forgets his tools and doesn’t bother to start work until later in the day on one of the restaurants busiest days! Jeff Lewis promises her that the work will get done when it is supposed to… and her response? We’ll see. Well, it seems that Christy was right on this one. She called Jeff and he is pushing to get the place in order for the Cinco De Mayo party. She is also really upset that Jeff accepted a door from a company for the entrance and not only did it not fit, the hinges were wrong and Jeff is not holding the company accountable for what happened.

Just then, Jenni spoke up and tried to make it right, and you could see the steam coming from his ears, and you knew Jenni was in for it. The bad things were building and building, and he finally exploded in the car ride on the way home from Casa Vega with Jenni. He called Jenni a nut case and a moron. At that point I don’t care how much a person was paying me, I would have told him where he could go! He did apologize for calling her a moron for telling the client they would get the company who made the door to fix it. But I think the damage was done. Wonder how much more she can take before she flips out on him!!

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