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America’s Next Top Model: Turning Bullying into Beauty

September 15, 2010 08:59 PM by Rebecca Ford


On the second episode of America’s Next Top Model, the 14 models move into the house, and participate in a photo shoot that forces them to turn the words that they were teased with into beautiful photos.

Cycle 15 of America’s Next Top Model scales to new heights this week! The models arrive in Venice Beach. Harry Perry, a Venice Beach icon, greets the models with a little song, and tells them that their new house is right behind him. The girls dash into the house!

The house is beautiful, a “glass palace” that even has a room full of sand! The models settle in and try to get to know each other. Chris tries to get know Ann, but finds that she’s sort of odd. She says she is looking for a warlock. The women talk to Kayla, who is a lesbian. She’s open about her sexuality.

They receive their first Tyra mail, and head to Hollywood. They are greeted by the Js. They tell the models that they’ll be walking in a Diane von Furstenberg show…four stories in the air! On top of that, they’ll be doing their own hair and make-up! (Product placement for hair curler included.)

The show begins. Ann falters as she walks out to the runway. She looks nervous. At least she looks high-fashion. Some of these women don’t at all. Kacey isn’t wearing her glasses, and is worried that she will trip. She has a great face and a strong pose. Sara looks pretty believable, according to Jay Manuel. She may be one of the best.


After the show, the J’s give them some feedback. Then, they go back to the house and get another Tyra mail asking what they used to get made of for.

The next day, the models head to a studio and meet Jay Manuel. He tells them that they’ll be focusing on teen bullying. They want to get across that those words did not define who they became. They will be wearing swimsuits, and have those words written all over them.

The models say Anamaria looks way too skinny. Tyra Banks shows up, which surprises the models! She talks about how people made fun of her big forehead, and how she was teased about that.

The photo shoot begins. Jay notices that Kasey seems blank in her expressions. Kayla’s bullying word will be “queer,” and she’s nervous about having it written all over her body. Her power word is “free.” After talking to Tyra, she feels better about it.

The women are struggling with this shoot. It’s clear they are very beginner models, and don’t really know what they’re doing. Terra has a complete meltdown. Ann looks gorgeous! Makeup does a face good!

Anamaria continues her snobby judging of the models. She calls them “small town girls” and says she’s not impressed by any of them. Jay talks to her about how she looks too skinny, but she’s not listening. Kayla looks gorgeous in her shoot. She models through the pain.


Then, Disney star Demi Lovato appears! She wants to talk to the models about bullying. Demi Lovato says she was bullied when she was younger. She now works with an organization to help people who were bullied.

Next, it’s time for judges panel. The judges, Nigel Barker, Andre Leon Talley, Tyra Banks and (guest judge) designer Diane von Furstenberg greet the models.

Lexie is up first. Her eyes pop in the picture! She has a good attitude in the photo. Kasey’s picture shows strength, but Tyra’s not sure if she sees a model. Kayla cries in front of the judges. Her squeaky voice is hard to listen to! It’s like a squeaky wheel. Her picture is beautiful!

Liz’s shot has a good, funky attitude, but Andre doesn’t like it. The judges don’t like Sara’s photo. They say it’s not memorable. As for Terra, the judges really don’t like it. They say it’s very strange. As for her sister, Chris, they say her picture has to be stronger. Tyra wants to talk to Anamaria because her body doesn’t look healthy. Anamaria is not hearing it. They love Ann’s image! She says it’s amazing to her such great compliments from the judges.

After the judges discuss, Tyra announces who will be staying. Ann announced first, meaning she has the best photo. Kayla is called next, and Tyra says she had the second best photo. She continues to call names until Terra and Anamaria are left. She says Terra is beautiful, but she lacks focus in her posing. As for Anamaria, Tyra says the judges are concerned that her body is so skinny. So who stays? Terra. Anamaria is sent home, even though she seemed to think she was better than all the other models. She’s obviously shocked.

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