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Big Brother 12: The Winner Is…

September 15, 2010 08:47 PM by Ryan Haidet


Hayden.  Lane.  Enzo.  The final three guys left in the Big Brother house battling for the $500,000 grand prize.  The trio made it all the way to the last day as part of the Brigade alliance as the live finale began.  Before the jury voted and the winner was revealed, the final Head Of Household competition was held and another player was evicted.  But first we were forced to sit through a six-minute re-crap of all the nonsense that took place this season.

Final Eviction Looms

With the head-to-head battle for HOH looming between Hayden and Lane, nerves were rocking the house.  Enzo was disappointed that his fate is now in the hands of his two allies while Hayden thought he was golden to take the entire game if he could beat Lane for HOH.  Hayden and Lane had cut a deal earlier this summer to take one another to the final two, but each said in confessional they were feeling apprehensive.  Enzo tried to convince both of the other guys that he is an easy person to beat since he was weak in the challenges all season long.

Britney Drops Brigade Bomb

After joining the jury house, Britney delivered a grenade.  She walked inside wearing a shirt that said “Bra-Gade alternate.”  She told everybody right then about the secret alliance held all summer long between Matt, Hayden, Enzo and Lane.  Rachel was stunned to learn about the tight alliance.  Ragan was upset that Matt, one of his closest friends in the house, didn’t tell him anything about the Brigade.  “I’m so bummed you’re here,” Ragan told Britney.  Matt then came clean to Britney about the lie he had told about his wife being sick in an effort to earn sympathy votes.


The Jury Weighs In

As is customary on the Big Brother finale, the jury members gathered to chat about the final three contestants.  Rachel argued the three guys got lucky with their Brigade alliance and didn’t play very strategically.  Nearly everybody else disagreed with her saying the Brigade was complete strategy.  “For the first time in Big Brother history, an undercover alliance makes it to the final three intact,” Britney said.

Matt asked everybody if they could honestly vote for Enzo to win the game.  Britney said she could because he played an incredible social game, and Rachel agreed.  Ragan said Hayden is the strongest competitor left in the game, which everybody else thought was accurate.  “He played the game, he played,” Matt said.  Naturally Rachel had to be on the opposite side by saying she isn’t too impressed with him.  “I think he’s brilliant,” Kathy interjected.  Rachel returned by saying Lane is the best player left in the house.

Final HOH & Eviction

Seated in the living room, Hayden and Lane were side-by-side as they answered a series of questions about members of the jury — which is the exact same final challenge in past seasons.  The person with the most correct answers at the end of six questions would win the final HOH and the right to cast the only vote in the last eviction.  It was an extremely close contest as both Lane and Hayden were tied at four points each, which forced a tiebreaker round.  The question was asking for the number of times they were slammed into the walls during the first part of the final HOH competition.  The player to answer the closest without going over would win the final power of the season.  After each offered their answer, Julie Chen revealed that Hayden was victorious.


Just minutes after winning the final challenge, Hayden rose to his feet and evicted Enzo who quickly walked out of the house becoming the seventh member of the jury.  In his exit interview, Enzo said he wasn’t surprised to be voted out of the house because he had played such a solid social game and posed a big threat to win the game.  He said the only sting about his eviction is the fact that he didn’t get much money for spending his entire summer in the house — he held nothing against Hayden.  In the final comments, Lane told Enzo he would have taken him to the finals had he won the last HOH.  Interesting.  Is CBS trying to sway Enzo’s vote by showing that comment from Lane?  This came just moments after Lane told Hayden in the house that he would have stuck true to their deal and taken him to the finals.


The Jury Votes

After an hour, the jury was finally introduced to the live studio audience.  Enzo quickly joined the other six jury members just in time to question the final two — Hayden and Lane.  None of the questions were outstanding and most of the answers the guys provided were boring.  A lackluster jury session, but no surprise since this entire summer was exceptionally boring.  The only good question came from Enzo who asked Lane if he truly would have taken him to the finals had he won the last HOH.  Lane danced around the question without truly offering any answer — a big difference from


Before the jury voted, Hayden and Lane each spoke openly about why they deserved to win.  Hayden’s strongest argument was that he was the best competitor in the game because of all the challenges he won.  He also said he was a nice guy in the house and did his best to treat everybody with kindness.  He closed his speech by saying, “If you’re voting on who the best player is, it’s me.  I really do believe that.”  Lane took his turn by thanking the jury for a fun summer while reflecting on everybody’s qualities.  His remarks were far-less convincing than Hayden’s.

After all that chatter, the jury all approached the voting box one at a time offering up one last statement before placing a key inside with the name of the person they wanted to win.  After all seven keys were placed in the box, the votes were sealed and the live show moved forward.

Early Evictees Join In

Annie — our original saboteur, Monet, Andrew and Kristen were brought out to join the rest of the group to complete the reunion.  Heck, even the Zingbot was there.  As they all sat and watched, the truth came out about Hayden and Kristen’s secret showmance.  After everybody watched and laughed at the situation, Kristen revealed she is certainly single having broken up with her boyfriend back home.  Hayden said he was willing to take her out for some pizza and see where it goes from there.


Discussing the showmance between Brendon and Rachel, the couple said they were hoping to move in with each other, which brought disgusted looks from Britney.  Up next, Chen revealed to the other houseguests that Ragan was the second saboteur.  They all watched the studio screens and laughed to see how Ragan executed his acts of sabotage.


We Have A Winner

Finally!  We got to the moment when Chen read each of the votes.  Rachel voted for Lane.  Kathy voted for Hayden.  Matt voted for Hayden.  Brendon voted for Lane.  Then the Chen-bot screwed up the thick tension when she realized she had been placing the winning votes in the wrong boxes.  After fixing the problem, Chen revealed that Ragan voted for Hayden.  Then we learned that Britney voted for Lane.  It all came down to the final vote, which came from Enzo.  He voted for Hayden.  After it was announced, Hayden jumped off the couch with his arms raised high.  Both guys embraced in a hug and walked out of the house for the first time in months.


Even though Hayden took home $500,000, America voted to give one other contestant $25,000 for being the favorite player of the summer.  That prize money went to Britney, which is very good news concerning the devastating situation that happened unbeknownst to her early this morning.  Multiple news sources said her house in Arkansas sustained $50,000 in damage after it caught fire.  Her fiance, Nick, was at the finale waiting to tell her the news after he asked producers to refrain from disclosing what happened.  They agreed.

Congratulations Hayden!  You did deserve to win the game, and I must say — I did predict it.

Until next summer…


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