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MasterChef: Season One Finale

September 15, 2010 07:22 PM by Lisa Princ


Tonight FOX‘s first Masterchef season comes to a close as Gordon Ramsay crowns a winner. What starts with four contestants will end up with one winner, but which one of the remaining four has what it takes to receive the first ever MasterChef crown along with $250k and their very own cookbook?

First up tonight on the season one finale of Masterchef on FOX, is narrowing four contestants down to two. The contestants will square off two by two with one person moving on to the finals. The two contestants will have two hours to cook three dishes, each hand chosen by the judges, with the best out of three moving on. But before they started cooking Gordon Ramsay surprised the contestants by bringing in some of their family and friends for support, including flying Lee’s mother in from Israel!

David and Sheetal will battle it out first, and had to create an apple pie chosen by Graham Elliot, a New England clam chowder chosen by Gordon Ramsay and a Veal Milanese chosen by Joe Bastianich. Sheetal struggled with the clam chowder but got a helpful nod from Joe when she asked about using a shrimp shell for broth, while David put a less traditional spin on his Veal Milanese. David also struggled with his pie crust, so he ended up making an apple tart with his mom’s recipe for crumble on top. When it was judging time, David ended up winning the clam chowder dish, in which he should since he resides in Boston…he even joked if he lost they wouldn’t let him come back home! Sheetal quickly catches up however with her delicious apple pie although Graham seemed to scarf down both of them. Last but not least was Joe, who despite his fear that David’s new twist on an old favorite would ruin it, loved David’s dish and his vote sent David into the finals.


Next up was Lee and Whitney who had to create an eggs Benedict chosen by Graham Elliot, a chicken parmesan chosen by Joe Bastianich and a cheesecake chosen by Gordon Ramsay. Lee was nervous about his cheesecake, but pulled it off and Whitney chose to do a no bake cheesecake. Each of them did a different twist on chicken parmesan with Whitney stuffing hers and Lee rolling his. Both of them did a great job on the eggs Benedict, but Lee’s definitely looked more restaurant quality and won by Graham hands down. Chicken parmesan was a tough one for Joe as he bragged that he loved them both, but he gave the win to Whitney. Last but not least was Gordon’s cheesecake in which he said it was the hardest decision yet because they were both so different and delicious, but he gave the win to Whitney, sending her into the finals with David.

For the final challenge on Masterchef on FOX, David and Whitney had two hours to create their three best dishes, including one appetizer, one entree and one dessert. When asked what their signature dishes will be, David decided to go with Beef wellington, which impressed Gordon Ramsay since we all know that is one of his signature dishes. But is David being too cocky or just confident? Before they started cooking, Gordon and the judges welcomed back all the past contestants to cheer these two on while they cooked.


For their appetizers, David did a scallop ceviche with a chilled pea and mint soup, while Whitney did a corn cake topped with blackeyed peas and shrimp. For the entrees David did a beef Wellington while Whitney did fried chicken which she dropped on the floor just minutes before plating, so with seven minutes left she had to make another piece of chicken. For their desserts David did an apricot crepe while Whitney did a bread pudding souffle. When it was time to judge them, the judges were extremely impressed with David’s appetizer, and not so with Whitney’s as her shrimp were undercooked. The entrees both went over well, but Gordon Ramsay was not completely thrilled with the beef wellington, and well he is the master of it. Whitney feared her chicken would not be cooked thoroughly, but this girl seems to have the luck because amazingly it was cooked completely. Both desserts went over well with all three judges.

Unfortunately though, only one person could win the title of Masterchef, along with $250k and have their very own cookbook published. All three judges claimed it was an extremely difficult decision, but in the end they chose Whitney over David to become the very first and very young new MasterChef! Congratulations to Whitney!

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3 Responses to “MasterChef: Season One Finale”

  1. padfoot04 Says:
    September 15th, 2010 at 10:21 pm

    I was completely stoked that Whitney won. She was definitely a favorite from the beginning. I do believe that David made a Nectarine Crepe.

  2. spld1959 Says:
    September 16th, 2010 at 3:40 pm

    I felt that Sheetal should have been in the finals as David did not make a true veal milanese. It is pounded flat, that is a basic rule to start. His was a veal chop. You can differ in your spices to fit yourself, but she got took in the judging of the dish. I was glad Whitney won, simply because of the cockiness of David. He broke his arm patting himself on the back LOL

  3. Lisa Princ Says:
    September 25th, 2010 at 7:03 pm

    I agree that David was cocky. I don’t think he should have been barred from the finals for not making a “true” veal milanese though – if that were the case then Whitney should have been barred as well for making a no bake cheesecake instead of a true cheesecake. I think they sent two of the wrong chefs home to early.


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