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Top Chef: Just Desserts Premiere

September 15, 2010 11:02 PM by Rebecca Ford


Forget Top Chef, people. It’s over (for now)! It’s time for Top Chef: Just Desserts! These cut-throat pastry chefs are competing for big prizes, and just because they cook desserts doesn’t mean their personalities are just as sweet!

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Because Top Chef’s such a hit (they just won an Emmy!), of course Top Chef: Just Desserts follows the same format exactly. As a bonus, however, these contestants have a ton of personality!

Gail Simmons from the original Top Chef will host, with judges Johnny Iuzzini, Hubert Keller and Dannielle Kyrillos. The prizes include a feature in Food and Wine magazine, a car and $100,000.

The 12 contestants arrive, and don’t know what to expect. They’re picked up by a double-decker bus. They get to know each other. There are some great personalities, like Zac Young, who says he will “cut you…with my flavor!”


Gail Simmons and Johnny Iuzzini get on the bus and greet the contestants. Their first quickfire challenge will be to introduce themselves with a signature dessert. The winner will receive immunity for the elimination challenge.

The contestants head to the grocery store (wait, it’s not Whole Foods?!). As a viewer, it’s hard to switch for Top Chef brain (which is screaming “Don’t do a dessert, you idiot!”) to a Top Chef: Just Desserts brain. They carry their groceries off in plastic bags (definitely not Whole Foods).

The chefs then head to their fancy kitchen. One chef, Seth, is running around like crazy in the kitchen, and it’s distracting the other chefs. Gail Simmons comes in, and it looks like she’ll have a surprise!


She tells them that they’ll have to transform their signature dish into a cupcake. They have an hour and 15 minutes to do it.  They run around, and then time is up!

Gail and Johnny walk around tasting the cupcakes. The desserts all look very beautiful, but they also all look like cupcakes. One contestant, Malika, doesn’t even get hers on the plate! Amateur mistake!

Johnny announces that Seth wins! He gets immunity for the elimination challenge.


Speaking of, Gail says that for the elimination challenge, they’ll be working with chocolate. They need to create the most luxurious chocolate dessert imaginable. They will have to impress 50 chocolate connoisseurs.

The contestants head to the loft. Seth tells them that he has insomnia, and wants a special bed. The contestants can tell that some of the others are a little high-maintenance!

The next morning, they’ve got four hours to prep. Johnny (the new Tom Colicchio) stops by to visit, and give a little advice. He even uses “You look like you’ve got your work cut out for you” line! A Tom Colicchio with hair!

It’s time for the service! The judges are Dannielle Kyrillos (editor for Daily Candy), Johnny, Gail and guest judge “Mr. Chocolate” Jacques Torres. They like Heather H.’s mouse with Grand Marnier. They also enjoy Seth’s dessert, saying it’s very powerful. As for Malika, she’s trying to make up for her poor showing in the quickfire. It screams chocolate!


Gail asks for Seth, Heather H. and Zac. They are the top three! Zac gets emotional, which is adorable! He has a great character. He says making desserts is like giving birth to a baby. Jacques Torress says he needs to be careful, and not blow gold dust onto his desserts. Seth, who had immunity, took a risk with a dessert with curry, but the judges loved it.

Chef Jacques announces that the winner is Heather! She is shocked!

The judges ask to see Danielle, Tanya and Morgan, who obviously have the worst dishes. They say Danielle’s dish was too difficult to eat and it exploded on the dish. As for Tanya, they say her mouse was just the wrong consistency. She says this is because she just didn’t time it right. Morgan thought his had good flavors, but the judges say the flan separated. Morgan says he hoped the judges wouldn’t notice that.

The judges discuss. They feel Morgan tried to do too much, that Tanya picked the wrong ingredients to work with and that Danielle’s was impossible to eat.

They call back in the bottom three chefs. Tanya is the first chef to be eliminated because of her wimpy dessert.
While this show may have the same structure as the original, it is packed with some amazing characters! I’m going to be craving more and more of Top Chef: Just Desserts!

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