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Top Chef: Season Seven Finale

September 15, 2010 08:44 PM by Lisa Princ

Top Chef on Bravo will crown a winner tonight in the season seven finale. But when one contestant falls ill, will he be able to come back and defy the odds? If you think you know who takes home the title of Top Chef, you may want to rethink that! Keep reading for all the details!

The Singapore season seven finale of Top Chef on BRAVO kicks off tonight as the judges bring back past winners to help the contestants as their sous chefs for their finale challenge. Returning tonight to help Ed, Angelo and Kevin are Ilan Hall, season two winner; Hung Huynh, season three winner; and last season’s winner, Michael Voltaggio. Both Ed and Kevin are hoping to draw Michael, while Angelo is hoping to draw Hung. Ed draws first and ends up with Ilan as his sous chef, Kevin draws next and gets Michael, leaving Angelo with Hung. Lucky for Angelo and Kevin as they got who they wanted to work with…more so for Kevin since he has worked with Michael in the past.

Each team must get a menu together of a vegetable dish, a fish dish, a meat dish and a dessert. Just as the teams get moving on their menus, Angelo falls ill and heads off to bed. Angelo spends the next day in bed communicating with Hung via phone and is then visited by the doctor who confirms he is indeed sick. The following day, just as Angelo is losing hope that he will be able to cook at all, the doctor visits him yet again and clears him to cook in the finale….but he has a lot of catching up to do to both Kevin and Ed. Ed seemed to think Angelo was his only competition and was disappointed to see him back. It is just me or does Ed seem to have gotten a big head from his wins last week? For their season finale dishes, the chefs each have the same ingredients to use, so there is no advantage. Let’s see what each team chef up with.


For his first course Kevin did an eggplant, zucchini and roasted pepper terrine, while his second course was a pan seared rouget with cuttlefish noodles. His third course was roasted duck with duck dumplings and it was followed by his Singapore Sling dessert with coconut panna cotta.

For his first course Ed did a chilled summer corn veloute, while his second course was a bacon wrapped slipper lobster and char grilled cuttlefish. His third course was a duo of duck; roasted duck breast and stuffed neck and he ended his meal with a sticky toffee date cake.

For his first course Angelo did a mushroom with noodles, pork belly and watermelon tea while his second course consisted of an Asian style bouillabaisse over sauteed rouget and poached cuttlefish. His third course was duck and fois gras with marshmallow and a tart cherry shooter followed by a shaved ice and coconut milk dessert.


When it was time for tasting, the judges loved Ed’s first course but thought Angelo’s was not really a vegetable dish and Kevin’s did have enough spice to it. Second course they seemed to like all three, although I really don’t think they were in agreement, some liked Angelo’s while others liked Ed or Kevin’s. For the duck, Kevin won the judges over hands down as his duck was cooked perfectly and the bok choy was also a nice addition and cooked to perfection. In the dessert challenge, they were not impressed with Ed’s cake mess at all, and it had salty whipped cream on it that Ilan had made. Though they liked both Angelo and Kevin’s desserts, I think they all agreed that Kevin’s Singapore Sling blew them away.

When it was time for judging and Ed was asked about his poor dessert choice by Tom, Ed fired back that he could have tried this or that and completely messed it up. I think that comment took Tom and all the judges by surprise…Ed seemed a little cocky and over confident to me. Finally it was time to name the season seven winner and Padma announced that Top Chef was Kevin! Kevin couldn’t believe it, but after watching him cook and seeing his meals, we definitely believed it! Congratulations to Kevin, who also made Top Chef history tonight as Kevin is the first African American winner as well!

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One Response to “Top Chef: Season Seven Finale”

  1. padfoot04 Says:
    September 15th, 2010 at 10:39 pm

    I highly disliked Kevin from day one. He was mouthy, hard headed, and was about as subtle as a kick to the face. After saying that, I must admit that i just described half of the past winners. Kevin executed dishes with great precision. He was not only innovative, but was able to improve upon well-known dishes. I may not be likely to ask for an autograph any time soon, but I wouldn’t hesitate to ask for a reservation. Congrats Kev!


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