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Project Runway: American Sportswear

September 16, 2010 10:28 PM by Rebecca Ford


This week on Project Runway, the claws come out, but this time it’s the judges doing the scratching. The contestants must look towards the past to make American sportswear…Let the (mind)games begin!

After eight seasons of Project Runway, it looks like the judges are burning out because they are in a foul mood! They rip apart the designs this week like never before!

After last week’s elimination of Casanova, the contestants notice that it is a lot quieter in the apartment. Heidi Klum greets the contestants, but gives them only a little riddle about “looking towards the past.” They meet Tim Gunn, who is standing in front of photos of Jackie Kennedy. Tim says they’ll be designing American sportswear, in their point of view.

They sketch, then head off to Mood. Tim reminds them to think about quality, taste, sophistication and expensive. Mondo says the fabrics speak to him, and he just walks over and picks them up. Ivy says she’s lost and doesn’t have a vision.

Back at the workroom, Michael D. decides he’s going to do dressier sportswear. He’s cracking in a lot of jokes in the workroom. Now that there’s such a small group, the pressure is much higher, and the contestants are doubting themselves.

The designers notice that Valerie always asks for advice from the other contestants. She just can’t make decisions on her own. Michael C. is struggling with his look because it looks like a flight attendant.

Tim Gunn stops by for a visit. He’s concerned with Valerie’s look because he says it looks too vulgar. She asks him a million questions. He says Michael D.’s look is too Annie Oakley and old.


The models arrive for a fitting. Ivy is concerned because she only has a top to fit. Mondo’s skirt is a beautiful purple, and looks really promising. After the models leave, Ivy continues her frustrated rant.

The next day, Tim arrives with an announcement. He says it’s not a runway day. What day is it? It’s another day to make another piece! Outerwear. They’re required to do another piece!

The contestants return to mood to get more fabric. Michael C. sees a fabric he really wants, but Gretchen says she’s actually taking it. This girl needs to go home!

Back at Parsons, Ivy is excited to make outerwear, and feels that this is her strength. Mondo decides to make a cape coat. The designers, especially Ivy and Gretchen, continue to emphasize that they don’t understand Michael C.’s pieces or work.

Tim stops by again to check on their progress. Michael C. he’s made three jackets. He seems so scattered. As for Christopher, Tim is concerned about his outerwear piece. He calls it anemic.

project-runway-michael-c-sportswearThe next day, it’s REALLY runway day! The designers continue to rush to put together their outfits. They get their models’ hair and makeup done. The designers notice that Ivy’s is looking really good.

Mondo’s skirt zipper is breaking. He’s coming unzipped! Luckily, he pulls out some pliers and fixes it. Michael D. is running out of time! Tim Gunn warns him that he only has two minutes. Gretchen, Ms. Know-it-all, lists all the people she thinks are performing poorly.

It’s time for the show! The guest judge is Mad Men star January Jones. Christopher’s outerwear is not working with that dress. April does another all-black outfit. Yawn. Michael C.’s outfit makes even him nervous. The outfit looks cheap. Gretchen’s outfit looks old. Andy’s pants are so bad! Jackie Kennedy would never wear those pants! They belong on hip-hop dancers. Mondo’s look is amazing. There are stripes and plaid’s but it looks sophisticated and put-together.

Heidi calls Michael C., April and Gretchen. They are safe. The rest represent the highest and lowest scores.

Heidi calls out Valerie for putting a jacket over a jacket. They call Christopher’s wrap a dirty old rug. As for Michael D. (photo below), they call it “schizophrenic Jackie Kennedy.” Michael Kors is really tough on him! He says “it’s insulting” that he called it American sportswear. January Jones jumps right on the mean bandwagon!


As for Mondo’s design (photo below), they feel that he brought himself, but within the challenge. It’s a big difference from last week’s near-elimination design! They also have good things to say about Ivy’s design. The judges say it’s elegant and architectural. Heidi, however, thinks there’s too much design in the top. She actually uses the phrase “boob hole.”


Heidi is not happy with Andy’s piece. She says it is ridiculous, and not Jackie at all. She’s gotten harsher over the seasons! The judges also say the fit is horrendous. Poor Andy. The judges go to town on him! Nina Garcia calls it a “train wreck.”

The judges send them away for their chat. In the waiting room, Andy is really upset because he feels the judges just laughed at him. The judges say they all feel Ivy stepped up her game, but Heidi just didn’t like the jacket.

They call back the contestants. Heidi says Mondo is the “clear winner of this challenge.” For the loser, it’s between Valerie and Michael D. Is boring or bad proportions worse?

Michael D. is sent home. No one wants to look like a cheerleader. There’s no saving the cheerleader.

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