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Survivor: Nicaragua — Wendy’s Short Stay

September 16, 2010 02:37 PM by Ryan Haidet


Her husband predicted that she would be the first person voted out of Survivor: Nicaragua — and he was right!  Wendy DeSmidt-Kohlhoff, a goat farmer from Fromberg, Montana, was ousted from the game in a landslide vote.  At 48, Wendy was a member of the Espada tribe, a.k.a. the old fogies, alongside the likes of former NFL coach Jimmy Johnson.  In a conference call with reporters, Wendy revealed that she didn’t get along very well with the coach and also discussed her whacky comments at Tribal Council.

Question: Did you talk with Jimmy Johnson much?

Wendy: He and I didn’t really hit it off.  He always didn’t really care what I had to say ever.  If I had anything to say, he cut it right off and moved on. …  He and I didn’t bond very well.


Question: Do you think having Jimmy Johnson was a help or hindrance to the tribe?

Wendy: It might have been a hindrance for me, but I don’t think it was a hindrance for our tribe.  I do think people were in awe of him, and so excited to have him there.  He was put in charge.  Supposedly we decided that he was going to be the person in charge.  I wasn’t part of that decision, but it was decided.  He basically gave us a pep talk before we went to the competition.  I really don’t need pep talks.  I’m very motivated, but that’s OK.  But what he did say was he was going to give us all feedback — at least what I heard — we would get feedback on our ability and how we did and what we could have done better.  I thought he was going to critique how we did on challenges, but really he just came back and gave another pep talk.

Question: What was going on in your remarks at Tribal Council when you said you’re an asset to the team because you didn’t have any blisters on your feet?

Wendy: When you guys see the show, you don’t know why I said that.  I was trying to tell them what I would bring to the group, and the fact that I had no blisters is a big positive when half your tribe has blisters and bad feet.  Many of them had problems with their feet the third day out, and if we were going to be in challenges, my feet were in perfect condition.  I was trying to say reasons why I was an asset to keep on.  My feet looked better than Jimmy Johnson and anyone else’s.  There were two people, I think, who didn’t have blisters other than myself. …


Question: Jeff Probst labeled Marty as a villain in his blog about the first episode.  Do you agree with that?

Wendy: Absolutely.  I didn’t care for Marty.  I didn’t trust him from the start.  Absolutely.  I really think that he would be a villain.

Question: How do you feel about the deal with Holly on the first day and the way she stabbed you in the back?

Wendy: I didn’t really feel that she stabbed me in the back.  I wish that she hadn’t come to me right away because it threw me totally off.  I was nervous.  I didn’t want anyone seeing me with people because I didn’t want them making judgments that I was making alliances.  I saw people going to other people and I knew, in my mind, they were making alliances.  That kind of threw me off for a minute. …  It made me uncomfortable because I felt like people already knew that by seeing us talking.  But I didn’t feel like she stabbed me in the back because it was clear to me that she didn’t want to be in an alliance anymore when she just downright refused to talk to me.


Question: What did you take away from your short stay on Survivor?

Wendy: I have never not been myself in my entire life.  I’ve always been myself.  This was the first time, I believe, in my entire life that I wasn’t myself.  My husband is the one who suggested I not talk a lot, not dance, not sing, not be too informative telling people stuff. …  I wish I had been myself from right up front because I think it would have helped me.

Question: You believe your chances would have been better if you were more of yourself?

Wendy: Absolutely.  They would have got to know me, they would have known that I was in the army.  They would have known that I had leadership ability.  They would have known that I had physical ability.  When I say they would have known, anyone can say anything and it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true.  But it would have been more than thinking I was just a plain goat rancher.  They would have at least known that I had that background, but if you tell too much and then you get further in the game, that can hinder you.


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