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The Apprentice: Season Premiere

September 16, 2010 08:57 PM by Lisa Princ


Donald Trump is back tonight for a brand new season of The Apprentice on NBC. This season we met sixteen new contestants, all of whom have been hit hard by the economy and will fight it out for a position working for Mr. Trump. If you think the season opener will be drama free, you couldn’t be more wrong! Keep reading for all the details!

The season premiere of The Apprentice kicks off tonight on NBC as sixteen new contestants fight for a job with Donald Trump. After meeting the new contestants, it’s straight to business for Mr. Trump as he asks the teams to choose their team name and project manager for their very first task. The men’s team chose the name Octane and nominated the oldest contestant in their group, Gene, who is also retired from the US air force. For the ladies, they decided on the name Fortitude for the meaning of strength, and their team leader chose herself. Nicole, a 27 year old beauty queen took on the responsibility of project manager.

So for their first task, the teams would have to create a modern office/workspace from an empty space. The sparks immediately started flying on the men’s team due to the lack of delegation going on with Gene. It was completely chaotic for the first day, and luckily for Octane, they pulled together on the second day. With that said, we also learned that David, an unemployed father of five has an explosive temper as he went off on several of his team mates already! However, we also learned that the 34 year old feels like he not a good provider, father or man since his job loss. He collects unemployment to support his five children and apparently has marital issues as well due to everything. On the final day however, David pulls together after Gene has finally delegated all the tasks and Octane pulls together a very modern office and workspace.


On the ladies side on The Apprentice on NBC, things are also getting catty very early on. Nicole, who took on the responsibility of project manager could not seem to delegate any work either and kept telling everyone to do what they thought was best. This started to wear thin with the other gals, who started to push her to do things. When it came time to design their space, Nicole asked Tyana, who is also a designer to come along and choose the decor. Nicole’s poor time management skills hurt them though as they only had 45 minutes to get everything picked out and being so late it was far from modern decor. Nicole also made it a point to tell Donald Jr. when he checked in that she was not happy with Tyana at first and compared her to Cyndi Lauper…yet Tyana hadn’t made a peep prior to this. The ladies of Fortitude all worked very hard to pull everything together and despite the furniture, they did manage to make the space look a little modern.

Ultimately though it was up to Donald Trump to decide who would win the season premiere challenge and who would be going home. After Donald Trump expressed his disappointment with both teams’ workspace, the ladies of fortitude pulled their claws out and started going at each other…before he had even told them who won or lost! It didn’t matter much as they were the losing team, as the men of Octane had a more modern space, even both Donald’s children agreed with him on this.Mr. Trump did not go into too much detail of what the winning project manager would get, something about a meeting with him, but we didn’t hear much. He then sat and chatted with the fortitude ladies for a while, or actually listened to them arguing. There was one thing the entire team was in agreement about and that was that Nicole was not a leader and did not delegate anything, nor do any work. Nicole, who barely even stood up for herself against the other women, learned the hard way as she was then told by Donald Trump that she was fired.

Remember to tune in next week for another new episode of The Apprentice on NBC!

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