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Survivor: Nicaragua — Episode Two Promises Fights

September 21, 2010 12:00 PM by Ryan Haidet


The first episode of Survivor: Nicaragua delivered an entertaining start as the Espada tribe (older folks) ousted Wendy first.  There wasn’t too much drama during the show’s 21st season premiere, but the second episode is promising to be much different.  CBS says there will be big fights, heated tempers and a Tribal Council like never before.

The second episode coming this Wednesday has been titled, “Fatigue Makes Cowards Of Us All.”  A press release from CBS also reveals some of the tribal trouble brewing at the La Flor camp (the younger tribe).  It’s promised that tempers flare at La Flor as fights break out as the castaways struggle to overcome dangerous personality conflicts.


The teaser for episode two, which came after Wendy was voted out, also offered a few hints. We’re not shown which tribe is sitting at Tribal Council, but we do see Jeff Probst as he offers up his observations of the obviously dramatic situation.  “21 seasons of Survivor, never had an opening question open that much whoop ass,” Probst says with a smirk.

What’s the fighting all about?  Not exactly sure, but the preview did show potential conflict brewing with NaOnka and one of her tribe mates at La Flor.  She’s seen talking to Jud (“Fabio”) about somebody raising their voice at her.  The teaser makes it seem as if she’s directly addressing Jud for having an attitude, but as editing has proven in the past, this may be an attempt to mislead viewers.  NaOnka may have simply been talking with Jud about another contestant she hasn’t been getting along with.

19 contestants are left in the game.  Who will be voted out next?  Tune in Wednesday night to find out as the adventure continues!


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